Totally worth it-totally not worth it!

  1. Wow, fascinating thread! Makes me thankful I've never invested in any Yurman! :p

    I'm going by costs per wear - a mix of value and the enjoyment I get out of wearing them:

    SO Worth it - Jamie Joseph prehnite ring, Tiffany somerset mesh ring, Cartier trinity ring, Pandora gold bracelet and charms, Alexis Bittar earrings, and some cheap stuff like cocktail rings and fake pearls studs I wear tons!

    Not - dainty gold necklaces and ring bought on impulse because I thought they were a good "deal"...should sell them all with gold at a high price!
  2. or to me ~~~ lol
  3. My original post:
    Updating my previous post from over a year ago:

    Worth it:
    * Omega diamond & sapphire watch -- UPDATE: still worth it;
    * diamond & sapphire ring -- UPDATE: I'm not as fond as the setting as I originally was; it's a bit Edwardian in flavor which isn't my thing. I've put it in safe deposit to see if absence makes my heart grow fonder;
    * My Fope Flex bracelets (one each in white, rose, and yellow 18k gold -- UPDATE: Still *so* worth it

    UPDATE: ADDED THESE TO THE "worth it" list:
    * My Baum et Mercier watch -- great for when I need a "no bling" watch, and I got it for a great price;
    * My diamond solitaire in a Marc Morrell setting (I paid top dollar for a triple Excellent VS1 F color stone and I'm glad I went for that quality of stone versus a larger stone)
    * Small 1/2" diamond hoop earrings -- classics that go with everything
    * Pearl studs -- classics that go with everything
    * 1" diameter circle pendant with a diamond -- classic but still modern.
    * Diamond stud earrings -- only .55 ct tw but they are easy to wear for every day.

    Not worth it:
    * Concord watch (too sporty for my current tastes; I got bored with it quickly) -- UPDATE: I've sold this watch.
    * Lake Biwa pearls (truly gorgeous freshwater pearls from Lake Biwa, which is too polluted to produce pearls. I love them but pearl prices are in the basement now, and I paid like 1k for them)
    * A funky sterling charm bracelet with a ton of artisan-crafted hearts on it. It's cute but I prefer more classic styles, and this is more shabby all those individual hearts added up to a much higher cost than it's worth to me. -- UPDATE: Still Not worth it. Wish I could sell it.

    * MOVED TO 'Not Worth It' -- My cheap Swarovski jewelry (fun for when I want some cheap bling, or when I don't think my good jewelry will be safe)
    * MOVED TO 'Not Worth It' -- My Hermes bangle bracelets. I have a ton of them, they weren't cheap, and they are a bit gaudy to me now. I have sold many and the last 3 are up for sale now.
  4. Somehow, cleaning out the jewelry box has taken a lot more time than I thought when I initially made this list... But, my opinion and taste has evolved.

    Worth It:
    Tiffany Elsa Peretti, Frank Gehry pieces - I still love DBTY, Starfish, the Infinity Cross, Orchid and Fish. A lot of the overproduced pieces irritate me, however.
    Antique watches - 1910-1975 gold watches. Classic styles, simple look. I have a pendant, two cocktail, and two wrist watches (3of these watches were inherited - CPW is in the pennies!)
    Costume jewelry - I love the striking French statement pieces. Big bold necklaces and earrings. But a lot of the other stuff is just overwhelming

    Not Worth It:
    A lot of branded trendy silver - Tiffany, John Hardy, David Yurman, Konstantino, Kieselstein Cord.... it seemed like a good idea at the time. But I should have stopped after a piece
    Modern watches - I have one "beater" watch, and it is a solid daily piece. However, I have a lot more than one watch, and I still haven't remembered those darn batteries and bands. More work than I am willing to put in to it
    Heavy earrings - Hello ripped earlobes! I've converted several pieces to clips.
    Logo jewelry - thankfully, I've managed to give away or sell what I once had.
    Costume jewelry - there is such a thing as too much. I've hit that point.

    I have a lot more "stuff" to get rid of before I really finish off weeding through my jewelry. So, in 6mo to a year, I'll clean out more and have even more "Not Worth It" items.
    I have learned that "One thing is good, two is not better. Three negates any good from the One Thing"
  5. Worth it: Both my rolexs love them. My diamond and platinum rings. My pearls, and my yellow gold and white gold bracelet. All my yellow gold rings. Still love yellow gold glad I didnt get rid of all of it. Last but not least I love all 3 Michele watches Ive purchased. Cant think of much that was not worth it except some earrings Ive purchased I dont wear earrings too much. Nice thread.
  6. i have found all my pieces really to be worth it from costume to fine jewellery. i feel like i have worn and enjoyed everything at some point. i do go through phases where i wont wear something for awhile but then i might pull it out again a couple yrs later
  7. Worth it: diamond studs, diamond small hoops, diamond cross pendant necklace. Hermes silver nautical bracelet and matching ring.
    On the fence about $7,000 gold Pandora bracelet
    Not worth it: Tiffany silver rings. Yellow gold
  9. Not worth it:

    Any and all jewelry sold by unctuous, heavily toupeed old men on cable shopping who describe it as “the sort of thing Jackie Kennedy/Princess Di/Barbara Bush would have worn”
    5 of the 135 pair of dangling earrings I’ve purchased at hippie fairs
    Anything overpriced, from an antique store, and described as “Victorian Greek revival”

    Worth it:

    The cat-faced Christmas earrings
    The matching jingle-bell necklace
    The giant cat-faced watch I bought for $1 at Shopko 17 years ago and is still ticking, although I had to buy a new band for it on eBay
    129 pair of the 135 dangling earrings I’ve purchased at hippie fairs, I remain undecided about one pair
    Anything and everything with cubic zirconium
    Any jewelry that can be described with the words “giant parrot” and rhinestones”
    Any jewelry that works well with work boots or moccasins


    The giant rhinestone-studded tiger broach to be worn draped around the shoulder
  10. worth it:
    -engagement ring
    -diamond studs
    -tiffany&co dbty necklaces

    not worth it:
    - diamond hoop earrings (in general i love them, but this particular one i have was overpriced and set in 14k gold and the diamonds werent set nicely, you saw more of the metal prongs...)
    - all my chanel costume jewelry! so overpriced and the faux pearls eventually look cheap cuz the plastic layer wears off.
    - my tiny ruby (superb ruby stone) ring. i like it, but since the ruby itself was of very good quality it was very expensive, but it was tiny (.5 ct), and i never wear it..
  11. Worth it: T&Co open heart 18k yg earrings (hearts collection, not elsa peretti), matching 18k yg heart/sterling bangle, .25ctw 18k wg diamonds from blue nile, yg/onyx vingtage alhambra 5 motif bracelet & 3 sweet bracelets, hermes 120 farandole sterling necklace, an 18k wg/yg cherry blossom pendant from a mall store.. I always get compliments on it, more than any other necklace i have.

    Not worth it: This is jewelry that cost-per-wear is not low enough yet because i don't love it enough to put it into every day rotation. This is my other sterling tiffany pieces, my 18k hermes childrens bracelet, the 18k tiffany snake ring I bought to replace the platinum one i lost (i've never even worn it outside), hermes sterling cartouche bangle, And all the stuff I've stopped wearing... all the lightweight 14k gold and sterling pieces i bought in my early to mid twenties.
  12. Worth it: my engagement ring, pandora, fossil rose gold watch, swirl initial necklace from etsy, Tiffany 10 mm ball studs

    Not worth it: the small fortune I spent on crappy Jewelmint pieces that I never ever wear
  13. worth it:white gold thumb ring,wedding band
    not worth it:my ering upgrade,my sapphire alternative wedding set and pretty much everything else;I'd rather have the money in the bank right now.
  14. I have been having a clear out of my jewellery pieces.

    The things I'm keeping I feel are worth it everything else is going.

    I'm keeping my gold pendants, silver necklace I purchased from Folksy, silver bangle, silver bracelet and silver bracelet with blue lace agate. Tissot watch which I got for my 25th.

    Costume jewellery and semi precious stone jewellery is out.

    I have too much jewellery so I am not buying anymore. Although I would replace my silver bangle/bracelets with a plain white gold bangle.
  15. Worth it: custom Made rings..DBTY..
    Not worth it: 14k..Pandora..trollbeads..charms..even if i have tones of charms bracelets and summer bracelets..they do not worth it!!..they are funny and they can stack with every outfit.....But they are a waste of money :sad:

    SAVE SAVE SAVE!! :sad: :sad: :sad: