Toiletry 26 - As Clutch

  1. A masking tape would do for now.. Lol
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  2. I was thinking the same thing. :nuts::biggrin:
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  3. I was actually thinking about using some type of tape; didn’t know which kind. Thanks. :smile:
  4. Of course it’s fine. I guarantee you most people have no idea what kind of bag it is. We tend to get a misconception on here that the entire world knows details about lv bags. Most of the world can’t tell you names of bags nor do they care. And who cares if they can? I’m gonna guess those who say no are on the younger side. You’re a grown adult. Wear it how you want. There’s nothing vulgar about wearing it as a clutch and your not hurting anyone. Not even worth worrying or thinking about. Go buy what you want!
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  5. How is that idea any different than people using the mini pochette in that manner? I have seen people use that as a belt bag or crossbody bag. To each their own!
    There are a lot of people that prefer multi-use items, especially when it comes to lux, as they can more easily justify the cost to themselves if the item can be used as more than one way. Take the Pochette Accessories for example- many use it as a clutch, pouch inside larger bags, and as a crossbody/shoulder bag. I don't think that it hurts anyone on this forum for a person to use their item how they want. Now if someone wants to buy the items for me, then you can tell me how to use them :smile: lol
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    I agree actually there are really a large percentage of women who could care less about a bag. . .only on TPF.

    OP of course if you ask the question people will give a personal opinion (which I believe is not intended to be directed to you or any one else) but ultimately in the end it's your decision not mine or my preference.
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  7. So true. Even with my friends sometimes I assume they know things about a particular designer bag and they don’t. We are in our own little purse world on here. Lol. I do like it here though.
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  8. I honestly bought my TP26 to use primarily as a clutch. I actually thought that was one of the main reasons it became so popular and was always sold out. from my research, every time I saw someone using it on IG or in person or whatever, it was a a clutch and I lvoed the look of it. I would not use it for very dressy outfits or events, but out for dinner and what not, definitely. I also have the gucci blooms cosmetic case (same size and shape as tp26) and I have used that as a clutch a few times too. honestly, to each their own. if you love the look of it as a clutch, go right ahead. if you don't, then don't use it like that.
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  9. I have used the summer trunks edition of TP26 as a casual clutch for errands and such multiple times. I even walked into a Chanel boutique with it once and was complimented on it by the SAs there :smile:
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  10. It's not really my style, but why the heck not?! We pay enough for these pieces, I say wear them out however you want! I think you can much more easily get away with using a Toiletry Pouch as a clutch than, say, a Cosmetic GM. That might look a bit strange.
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