Toiletry 26 - As Clutch

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  1. ok Just think. You would like a LV bag but can’t afford one, so what’s wrong with trying to make a bag out of an accessory? Many designers have wallets on chains, what’s wrong with this? Not everyone has the money we have. :biggrin:
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  2. Many things can be pulled off with enough confidence. Wear/use it how you want and own it!
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  3. I use mine as a causal clutch. I like that I can fit quite a bit in it. Although I live in a small town in Kansas so I doubt people are looking at me crazy when everyone here wears pajamas and holey sweatpants out and about :lol:
  4. When I was going back and forth whether to get this item (was definitely getting it for the hype as well as the price point) - SA suggested using it as a clutch so I dont think it is out of the ordinary to use it this way.

    It fits A LOT (can fit a whole water bottle!)

    I haven't done this yet but I plan to use this as a casual clutch.

    For example, I use a backpack at work but if I go for drinks, concert or bday dinner in the evening, I can pull this toiletry bag out of my backpack, change comfortable shoes to flats and be ready to go !
  5. Seriously we need more buttons that like buttons! Lol

    No offense to any one but I do find using as a clutch tacky. But that is my personal opinion.
  6. I get the appeal, the Daily Pouch is pretty narrow. I don't have it but it looks like it would hold a wallet, phone, keys and gloss (my minimum). For the casual observer that doesn't follow LV, they probably wouldn't know or care.
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  7. Imho, use it to suit your needs. It is a waste to just keep such an expensive pouch in your bag anyway.Take it out, use it.
  8. I think it can be dual functions. I use mine as a toiletry bag when traveling, and also as a clutch to make quick stops and run errands. The thing is you have to own your own fashion, and wear it with confidence.
  9. Agree. We tend to applaud the mix of high and low such as a Chanel flap with denim and sneakers. Besides, making a piece multi-functional is not a bad thing.
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  10. Not sure I understand the hate on using it at a clutch when the Pochette Voyage is the exact same bag in a different print with added card slots and its description on the site even implies it can be used as a clutch: "Compact, versatile and totally on-trend, this Pochette Voyage MM in Damier Graphite coated canvas can be slipped into a bag as a travel pouch or hand-carried for a trendier look." :confused1:

    Plus I think OP was asking for opinions of putting the dragonne amovible accessory on it, not about using it as a clutch.
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  11. Omg I’m dying!!!!

    My friend actually used hers at a baby shower and I just figured she left her large bag in the car and used the toiletry pouch so she’d only have to carry a couple things inside.
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  12. I never knew it was a toiletry bag.I bought it to use a clutch thanks to Instagram:/
  13. LOL you guys are hysterical!!! Reading all these comments has made my day, some super sassy ladies out there;) Thanks all for your opinions! I understand everyone's thoughts, I suppose it really is just a matter of opinion... and the one about the tampon had me nearly in tears of laughter!!! But, I have decided this will be my toiletry bag when need be (i.e probably in a beach bag on holiday que Diana) and my bag for errands... with regards to the strap, I think the bag is too large to add a a hand held strap so im going to pass on that after all but I did love the lady who has added a chain - I think if I love the 26 I might get the 19 as well and perhaps add a strap! Thanks Ladies!!! xoxo
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  14. I have seen a person carrying this as a clutch and I must say I thought it looked really bad. It also made me wonder why she was doing that...
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    I think it looks perfectly lovely as a clutch - it's got the casual grab-and-go look to me. And let's be honest, 90% of the general public aren't TPF members and wouldn't know it was marketed as a Toiletry bag, which as implied by @idlehen , I think is colouring a lot of opinions.

    Edit: I firmly believe if you buy something, you get to use it however you want...and people will always judge you for something anyway, if your biggest crime is using a toiletry pouch as a clutch, you've got a pretty great life. :P

    Buy it and wear it in good health!