Toiletry 26 - As Clutch

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  1. Hi I was looking on YouTube where others have added a bag charm (i.e. tassel) which makes it appear to look like a clutch. :smile:
  2. This thread cracked me up and I’m glad the OP wasn’t offended by anyone’s comments. :lol:

    I have the TP19 and use it as a catch all in my medium or larger bags. I don’t see it as a clutch because it’s a pouch to me but I wouldn’t give anyone carrying ot that way the side-eye either.

    I was at a conference and took the pouch out of my NF to carry as a small clutch to dinner and the theatre because I didn’t want my NF in my lap or on the floor at the theatre. I don’t think a NF pouch looks great as a clutch either really but it was practical so I used it that way.

    I don’t personally see LV canvas bags as dressy looking anyway; I am more likely to reach for one of my leather bags for an evening out. I carry my few LV bags a ton and love them, but they are all practical workhorses to me. I generally dress caually other than at work so they fit my lifestyle well. I only have a Speedy B25, 2 NFs and a Pochette Accessoires; all are casual bags to me.

    All this to say that I think carrying a TP as a clutch is a very casual look, but I don’t think that’s any different to my NF pouch or PA. :smile:
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  3. I saw a post yesterday on a Facebook page, there is an online company that now makes inserts (like Samorga) for the LV toiletry bags. All three sizes... :whut:

    So, if you need an organizer for your new clutch, someone makes one :smile:
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  4. There are at least a couple that do. Samorga does and I just saw a company named Zoomoni (I believe that is the spelling) posted by someone on Instagram.
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    Zoomoni was the post I saw yesterday. I had no idea they made organizers for small SLGs, like the Toiletry 15
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  6. And as an added gesture you can attach D rings on the organizer and attach a shoulder strap like the mono one LV sells. :biggrin: Your pouch is now a shoulder bag. :lol:

    Man, I am liking this idea! :biggrin:
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  7. Since mini bags are all the rage, I’m waiting for the Instagram posts with the Toiletry 15 as a crossbody bag :biggrin:
  8. I think it comes down to one's own personal style and what they can pull off.

    With that said, a few years back, the SA told me they sold a ton of these to be used as clutches. I do like these as casual clutches. lol
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  9. If LV marketed this as clutch instead of toiletry pouch does that mean those who use it as a toiletry pouch would be told it is crazy to do it because it was made as a clutch?????

    I don’t get the you can’t use this wear this judgements. Who has the power to write the rule book on fashion? Magazines are paid to push ads and trends. Designers want you to think you have to have their latest design so they can make money or you will not be in fashion.

    This forum is probably one place where people do judge on the designer logo alone. The more expensive items from high end designers the more important many people feel they are. I have seen many threads bashing lower end designers. We live in a materialistic society.

    Some people are very insecure and feel the need to wear or own the latest fad because they will fit in and be seen as fashionable. Then you have people who want to own and wear designer labels head to toe. Others rather be unique and have their own sense of style which stands out from the crowd. People should just wear what they want. If a item has more than one use versus sitting in your closet to me you are getting value for the money you spent on it.
  10. With all this talk about tp26 being used as a clutch, when I got home I took out my larger kiragami and put a chain on it lol. :biggrin: I don’t like doing mod shots but it was perfect for me. Here it is on a chair.

    It looks like an envelope on a chain. :lol: Think the tp26 would look better.
  11. That... actually looks pretty fantastic!!! :loveeyes:
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  12. When you open the lap does the chain fall out?
  13. I think the kiragami as well as the NF pouch can pass as a clutch because it’s much thinner. In my opinion why not just purchase a clutch?
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    Unfortunately it does, unless you hold onto it when you open the pouch; which would be a nuisance. If I planned on using it that way, I would have no problem altering the pouch by punching the sides and placing O rings and attaching the chain. I already have the PA and Favorite in mono so it doesn’t make sense for me to alter this bag.

    But one thing’s for sure, when I’m able to secure the new kiragami (Black/grey/pink), I plan on altering the black pouch. :biggrin:
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  15. Thanks, I like the new blk/gry/pnk set also. I like silver hardware on black bags so i could see myself altering it also with silver rings and silver chain.
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