Toiletry 26 - As Clutch

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  1. Hi Guys!

    I have been wanting to get the toiletry 26 and use it as a clutch for about 18 months now but was unsure and my Dad kept saying its a toiletry pouch not a bag!!! Anyway, after discovering the picture of Princess Diana with it I am infatuated and need it!! So I have now ordered and waiting for it to come in :smile:

    Anyway, I read an old thread about someone on here buying it with the intent to add a Dragonne Amovible to give it just a little bit more of a bag look. What are everyones thoughts on this

    I know they have discontinued the dragonne amovible but is there anything similar? if not I would happily buy pre-loved. I just wanted some opinion on where it would look silly or not - I probably wouldn't hold it by the strap but just to add to make the pouch more like a bag...

    Thanks in advance
  2. You can buy a similar item from Mcraft on Etsy (get the U shape clasp to match LV's one)

    I've also seen similar ones on eBay for cheaper but Mcraft's is guaranteed to be good quality (eBay is hit or miss but you know, you get what you paid for). Personally I wouldn't pay the prelove price for the dragonne amovible...

    I think it'd look fine on the toiletry pouch, though I do think the clasps may be a bit bulky for it as the only place you can really hook it on is on the zipper. Might not be a big deal though.
  3. Type in Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch as a clutch in google image search and many great pictures with different outfits. I usually carry mine in my Speedy 35 but also use it as a clutch when I don’t want to carry a bag. I personally love it but you will get the fashion police saying NO.......
    For me if it serves your needs who is to say you can’t do this. Enjoy, the size is perfect and I think it is very comfortable to carry too.
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  4. F9FFD9C5-5769-4607-AAB3-3F34460F3555.jpeg CA37B34C-1ACC-47AA-8770-DD33F1F3E536.jpeg A680E268-750D-4D41-923C-6D4FA0ACA787.jpeg Some pictures.
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  6. Sorry, that picture isn't helping me. Where would you hook it on to the pouch?
  7. It looks like that woman is heading to the bathroom to brush her teeth. :biggrin:
    In the last picture, she's devastated and had to sit down because she realized that she forgot her toothpaste at home.
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  8. :biggrin: LMAO
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  9. Hi! I love my toiletry pouch 26 and have always used it as a clutch I even got a chain on eBay to wear it as an evening bag. I’ll take a pic
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. 68A8E19E-0011-4DCC-AFC4-B00FE4042D76.jpeg

    Are you referring to this pic of Princess Di? Because she is barefoot and I would imagine carrying a bag with a few toiletry items. Not a clutch. Your question was opinions on whether it would look silly? My opinion Yes. If I saw you in public with a toiletry pouch strapped to your arm or on a chain I would think you looked silly. I would think, “Whoa she does NOT want to lose her tampons”!
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  12. :lol::tup:
  13. I never thought this bag can be used as a clutch. I think it’s awesome; just like when others use the larger part of the kiragami as a clutch. Kudos to them too.
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  14. I feel the same, no matter what pom or charm or strap you add to it, still looks like a toiletry! I've seen some add a soulder strap to it.. UGLY!
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