There’s a new girl in town! Meet Tess!

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  1. Hi all. Just wondering opinions on colour? I have tried it on in store but the colours I like I have to order online. For those who have the bag and/or seen in the store, do you have any feedback on the following colours in real life? I have to buy the autumnal brown (light tan) one from mytheresa which means that if I return it, the duties and taxes are refunded as a credit note. I am quite liking the woodsey green -anyone have this and do you find it versatile enough? Thanks so much!

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  2. So narrowed it down to croc woodsy green or croc autumnal brown. Can't decide and can't see either colour in real life as not in store here in Australia! Anyone have any thoughts or preferences?
  3. Well I ordered my Tess in autumnal brown from mytheresa and I love it! I love the green and saw it in Toronto in person BUT I only like the green croc leather on the bag... any smooth leather green on the bag is much brighter and reminds me of a Lego green lol Also was not a fan on the mix of colors with the tan under strap.
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  4. Autumnal brown would go with more things in the... autumn. However if the green is your colour and rocks your boat more. Go for it! (I got the black to avoid such questions:smile:
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  5. Thanks so much! Good point about the green bit that's not croc. It's so hard to tell as it looks so luxe in some photos and a little bit too green in others. The black is lovely and so classy, I like it too only I have a few black bags already. Probs will take the plunge with the autumnal brown...
  6. Just wanted to keep you updated [emoji6]

    I decided on the YSL Camera bag and returned the Mulberry Lily because I didn‘t like it’s color and shoulder strap.

    Still I could not get the Tess out of my head... Yesterday I was offered a 25% promo code so finally I decided to see it as a twist of fate and ordered the large Tess again.

    This bag obviously wants to be mine. [emoji1]
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  7. Umm, not that I need stuff in my life, but I would greatly appreciate a 25% code!
  8. That‘s just the illusion of saving 25% percent while denying that you still spend 75% you wouldn‘t have spent without the discount offer.

    Bag logic.
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  9. Also the reality of spending 100% on something you want when you can only spend 75% on the same thing because you can wait for a good deal AND you have a code. (Math logic:smile:
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  10. Sounds reasonable. I will keep this in mind if my husband has further questions about my latest purchase. [emoji1]
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