There’s a new girl in town! Meet Tess!

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  1. She’s so beautiful might even start a new thread Facetune_18-02-2019-00-04-07.jpg
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  2. ooh its so pretty
    Can I ask what can you fit inside the small Tess? I need it to hold an iPhone plus and a small wallet and keys? would that work?
  3. 2019-02-20 09:57:51.073.jpg
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  4. :biggrin:

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  5. Today I received my small Tess in "Sharp Brown" - I've never heard of this color before. Did you? It looks like the Sepia Brown but the tag says it is Sharp Brown. Confusing.

    Anyway. As much as I love the bag (my 9 year old son immediately called it beautiful and he's usually not that into bags :biggrin:) it is a lot of bag around the tiny space inside and I am struggling whether I should keep it or not. I fits a small wallet, keys, phone, tissues and after that adding my sunglasses was kind of a challenge.

    So I just ordered the large tess which should arrive tomorrow. The large is not that popular I noticed and some call it ugly because the proportions seem distorted but I decided to have a look at both - the small and the large one side by side.

    If the large Tess looks odd and the small one is too small for my needs this bag maybe is not the perfect model for me.

    What do you think about the large version? Did you see both bags side by side and might share your opinion?
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  6. So I ordered both to choose and align with Emma Hill from YouTube who said that the large one is just too big for that design including too big hardware. I am 6ft but still it felt like Marcie satchel on me (though it's beautiful, no doubt) and it was also heavy due to larger hardware. The leather is very stiff so I had a feeling I'd bang into something (note the large bag arrived already scratched). Though if the price was like half of what it is (and low resale value of Chloe in general), I'd probably keep it. It wouldn't be a daily bag though - too heavy.
    Went for the small (as per the picture above) as it's just cute but due to hardware and bits around doesn't come across as small like eg. Marcie mini. Decided it's a type of bag I'd take for going out or some events to compliment my outfit better than jewellery.
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  7. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

    I‘ve seen the EH review on YT and that‘s one of the reasons why I did not order the large tess right from the start.

    Is the hardware really bigger on the large model? To me it looks like only the bag gets bigger but the Hardware does not. I assumed that might cause the impression of wrong proportions.

    But I will see tomorrow.

    Poor resale value does not bother me at all. As far as you do not buy/sell a Chanel or Hermes this is an issue with most designer handbags after a few years.

    I try to buy only bags I really love and wear for a long time. The Tess has a classic shape and the color reminds me of the 70s so maybe it won‘t look very up to date in three years but still not completely old fashioned.

    I am going to use the Tess as an everyday bag not only for special occasions. And although I am not carrying my complete household in my handbag I am concerned that the small Tess won‘t offer enough space.

    As soon as I have to think about buying chewing gum because it won‘t fit in my bag it might be the wrong bag for me.

    Maybe I can post some pictures side by side tomorrow if anyone is interested.
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  8. Hard to tell about the hardware - think it's my personal opinion. I actually liked it just not in position to buy 2.
    On the resale value - what I mean here is that many bags become dated quickly (in a way of course) - like Chloe Marcie, Balenciaga City, probably some of Celines. I'm not fussed about losing SOME money in case of resale but trust me - nobody wanted to buy off me new Chloe Marcie (just decided it wasn't for me, impulse purchase) and eventually I made a massive loss. I wish I could tell I would wear the bag for years but everything looks great in a store or at the beginning and year later I'm like...nah. That's the reason I moved to Hermes and Chanel (almost) exclusively so that I have only super classics (with the exception - see below lol). Though I agree that Tess has something fresh about it and hopefully will last.
    Final thought on using Tess daily - it will get scratched, I can tell. That was the reason I passed the most amazing bag ever which for me is Celine Box. I saw 2 ugly DEEP scratches on the large Tess when delivered from Net A Porter and was not impressed. For daily use I bought YSL Niki (not seeing myself wearing Hermes daily lol)
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  9. Thank you so much for your input. I agree about impulsive buying and the loss you have to face if you want to get rid of a bag soon after the purchase.

    The large Tess arrived and I can tell that it is beautiful and very roomy. I love the color (also Sharp Brown which seems to be new for SS19) and it can‘t find anything odd about the look of it.


    But I am not sure if the smaller version looks better on me.


    As I already own the Drew Bijou which is about the same size as the small Tess I will definitely return the small one. I do not need a second bag in the same shape and size.

    Still need to make a decision on the large Tess...
  10. I am still struggling with the decision. Might be the best returning both.

    While looking at the pictures the small Tess looks more appealing to me. But as said before it is too tiny...

    What do you think?

    I love love love the color of the bag what makes it even worse returning them. :sad:
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    I say erase and rewind and start over.
    For me - I simply love my big black beauty of a Tess. The small is simply too small for me (depends on your frame) but the big is perfect. It's my new "workhorse" bag. Fits all I need and is compact and chic enough for any occasion, so I don't have to frantically switch bags... I prefer a small bag in general, however the small Chloe bags are waaaaaay too small for me. I don't find anything "ugly" or disproportionate with the big size. I think it's a classic model that will be welcome to stay in my wardrobe for the next 10 years.
    However if you are not "in love" from first look, touch, try on... It may be best to return both and start fresh. Just sayin':smile:
    P.S. I also prefer gold jewelry and the big gold hardware suits me perfectly. I have a pair of big gypsy gold hoops that are a staple for me, so that plays a big role for me. Hope this helps ;)
    P.P. S. I also allow myself to recommend the Selma model sandals of See by Chloe. I feel like they are made for Tess owners and are available at for half price:smile: I have the black ones and with my black Tess and a nice dress or jeans and a shirt - I'm DONE. This will be my spring uniform.
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  12. Did you keep one?
  13. I followed Darinas advice and decided to start over. So I returned both to find out whether I miss any of them or not.

    After a few days I can say that it is the small Tess which is still on my mind so I am tempted to order this again.

    I took with me my Drew bag the past three days because it nearly fits the same and I wanted to know if this would annoy me or not but it wasn‘t a big problem.

    Looking at the pictures again in my opinion the large tess does not look that flattering on me worn as a crossbody.
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  14. Finally made the decision to skip the Tess. Although I am in love with the color and the bag itself I have to admit that it probably won’t work for me.

    I ordered an YSL Lou Camera bag and a Mulberry Lily instead and see how they will fit my essentials.
  15. I knew it, where two fight, the third one wins. Enjoy:smile:
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