There’s a new girl in town! Meet Tess!

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  1. It's on net a porter, I'm waitng for a code now:smile:
  2. Haha thank you! And sorry I guess [emoji12] but yes I have seen the profound brown croc and it’s beautiful! The one I’m anxiously awaiting to come out (hopefully soon) is the yellow/brown croc! ***I’ll link a photo!*** I want that color croc in the Tess or the medium C bag, can’t decide... 0D359FEF-7F5E-406D-B6EE-8EC5E428E684-18587-0000157CFCB4C0DC.jpeg
  3. Thank you! [emoji173]️[emoji1308] Its hands down my fave Chloe at the moment! The style is soooo incredibly versatile as well. The color I actually love more and more every time I look at it! It’s the perfect saddle brown/rust and major 70s vibes [emoji7] as for the burnt brown (burgundy) in medium I know I saw it on and either or All very reputable sites btw!
  4. #34 Jan 5, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2019
    I'm liking the C Bag in the smaller size Profound Brown as well. :biggrin:
    You don't think the strap for the Profound Brown is too toffee-like in colour? The croc looks grey in some pictures. How would you describe Profound Brown? Would you say these photos are true-to-life?
    45437744MF_24_f.jpg 45437744MF_24_e.jpg 45437744MF_24_d.jpg
    I'm also eyeing the Sepia Brown croc from SS19.
    The Spazzolato Tess in either Burnt Brown or Caramel is also an option but I'm worried the leather might be high-maintenance, especially for the hot and humid climate I live in.
    45437741JR_24_f.jpg 45437740GK_24_f.jpg
  5. I'm so dense, I thought burnt brown/ burgundy are different colors. I actually love this spazzolato sfumato finish on the small one. I've never seen it on the large model! Will it be available later? Now the large burnt brown just looks dull to me compared to the small one AND to the large black one. The black one is just so chic. I realized I have no black everyday bag, maybe it would be more reasonable for me.
    Chloe-Tess-saddle-handbag-fall-2018.png chloe_bag_black_vivaluxury_SF_2018-5-848x1272.jpg chloe_bag_black_vivaluxury_SF_2018-6-848x1272.jpg
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  6. I personally love the toffee handle and siding! I’m just not IN LOVE with the profound brown.. seen it on many websites and most of the time it looks almost black it’s so dark! I would wait for the sepia croc, it’s stunning [emoji173]️
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  7. Not a fan of burgundy at all so if it was between that and black, it’s black allll the way the medium is available on
  8. Sepia Brown Croc Tess is up for Pre-Order at Saks, as is a Green Croc and a White one. Profound Brown might just beat out Sepia Brown by a smidge for me but I'd have to see them in person to compare. I hate how blown up the white balance is on these photos.
    download (2).png download (1).png
    SS19 Tess also for up for Pre-Order at Saks.
    download (5).png
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  9. Matchesfashion is my place to go for bags, shoes and well everything else!! Yes we save lots here in Canada. Our taxes are just too high :sad:

    Your Chloe is beautiful. I’ve been eyeing her myself. Enjoy in good health!!
  10. Thank you! [emoji173]️ Yes I’m awaiting another Tess in autumnal brown croc once it appears on Matchesfashion or Mytheresa. If I bought off it would literally cost me $900 cad more! How crazy right?!?
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  11. 676CA908-D24F-48D4-99C1-7AE94407D89A-929-000000DCCC6C0156.jpg this is her! [emoji169][emoji169][emoji169]
  12. Love this bag sans strap in the last couple months! IMG_1548.JPG
  13. Haven’t taken an official Instagram photo yet, but this is my new sunshine Tess fresh outta the box! [emoji274][emoji518][emoji298]️[emoji258][emoji169][emoji529] 2019-02-15 13:20:01.309.jpg
  14. A beauty, no doubt! Wear it good health!
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