There’s a new girl in town! Meet Tess!

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  1. It’s safe to say, I’m officially Obsessed! IMG_1536193979.391224.jpg
  2. Beautiful and I love the shade. Enjoy!
  3. Thank you so much! Yes, the shade is what truly sold me. I always tend to go for the black or off the beaten path colors when it comes to my Chloe bags, but when I saw this beauty in a magazine ad, I figured I HAD to go for the signature Chloe saddle brown!
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  4. That is gorgeous!!! Where did you get it? Just when I think my purse collection is complete....lolol
  5. Could we see a modeling shot?!
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  6. That ring reminds me a bit about those "pig with pierced nose"-bags, från JW Anderson, but well, a billion times prettier! Congratulations!
  7. Oh god i love herrrrr !!
  8. Still waiting for a modeling shot! :nuts:
  9. I got it on which is my go-to site when it comes to bags lately, if only because the currency exchange is sooo good I literally end up saving near $400-$500 every time! I live in Canada so here it’s not worth buying with out taxes. As far as the look of the bag with the ring, I’m totally obsessed! Natacha Ramsay-Levi really took the quintessential boho Chloé girl look and gave her that cool girl je ne sais quoi edge. The model shots are coming I promise! Thank you for all of the lovely feedback girls! [emoji1308][emoji169][emoji169][emoji169]
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  10. When your accessory needs an accessory [emoji818]️ IMG_1091.jpg
  11. Stunning!! Mod shots??? :smile:
  12. Love the classic shape and that bit of Chloe jewelry touch with the ring. Is the bag fairly heavy given the size of that ring?
  13. Surprisingly no! The nile is much heavier, despite me getting used to it. Plus it’s sooo versatile with all the different ways to carry it.
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  14. 89D819A8-CFE8-4697-AE08-33207899E080.jpg IMG_1329.jpg 2018-09-17 17:16:40.386.jpg IMG_1221.jpg Some pics from my recent staycation with Tess [emoji173]️ [emoji1308]
  15. Loving all the pics! I assume this is the small size? I love how you accessorized it! Gaaaahhhh, can’t get over this bag especially in this color. Must. Have.
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