There’s a new girl in town! Meet Tess!

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  1. Is this the small or large?
  2. Love this bag! Can't decide if I need it in my collection - but I love it!
  3. Hi,

    I just recieved my small tess bag in burnt brown only it's not burnt brown its more burgandy purple. And while not bad not what I wanted, in fact it would go well with lots of outfits.. Last time I burnt toast it went dark brown not purple by the way? lol. I really want it in chocolate or caramel. There is a sepia brown but that looks red brown. Before I exchange it can anyone tell me if the sepia brown is redish or just brown?? So hard when ordering bags online biut we get nothing where I live. Thanks
  4. Thank you, I just had to put my scarf strap on they’re perfect together! It’s the small size [emoji173]️
  5. Yasss I know the feeling, that was my main concern when I ordered mine. LUCKILY, it is in fact just brown. It could seem a tad redish on the minor suede part, but even then it’s more brown. It’s not caramel brown but as close as it gets for the Tess style. The color really makes the hardware stand out! Return the other, I have the same issue with the “purpleish” undertones [emoji1304][emoji1304][emoji1304]
  6. This bag has been all over my Instagram lately [emoji92][emoji92][emoji92] @whiterosesintherain IMG_1945.jpg IMG_1799.jpg
  7. Hippie modernism. [emoji1308][emoji298]️ IMG_0136.jpg
  8. Sans strap for the moment [emoji1308] IMG_0275.jpg
  9. Nice! I saw someone yesterday, with the larger version... looked amazing as well.
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  10. Perfect match ***Boots: Marc Fisher*** [​IMG]
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  11. IMG_0985.JPG This bag gets me serious compliments every time I go out! I’m even considering getting a second in a marigold croc when it comes out [emoji169]
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    Your pics are so enabling, lol. :lol: Have you seen the Profound Brown Croc in person? I'm interested in that one. But the grey mixed in with the browns is throwing me off a bit. I also love the look of Sepia Brown and Burnt Brown.
  13. Wow, this bag is truly gorgeous! It's a coin toss for me between this and the dark red Nile. How perfect would this look with a trench coat, jeans and whatever for every day? It's the type of look I can't stop thinking about and it would suit my lifestyle perfectly! Thank you for all the lovely photos!
  14. Love the Tess :heart: Thinking about the large size though, any thoughts? Or even pics? Love the Forest colour, a dark green with brown undertones...
  15. I want the large in Burgundy but I can't find it anywhere. If someone sees it somewhere, please post.
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