The Zoe Club!! Come, admire, & join!! :)

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  1. All these Zoes are so delicious! I can't wait to see these in person!
  2. Here's mine. Bought it when it first came out in early July!!


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  3. Wow it looks great on you!!!
  4. Wow, very nice...what size is that chelseagirl???
  5. well i wanna play 2! i'm getting my extra large black ZOE if it kills me! ha..can't wait to smell her feel her and take her to will be posted...oh and to Nurseliss...u should definitely not get a too big purse...i'm a big momma so i need a big bag!
  6. Is that the extra large zoe? It looks great on you.
  7. I want a Zoe! Someone returned a braided large one in gray and I WISH I had the funds to bring it home! The leather on that bag is AMAZING!!! I'll probably wind up getting one in regular leather soon though!
  8. got this lovely top handle pouch from a boutique in LV early june...

    it was an unnamed collection then... :P

  9. I just purchased the chesnut patent capacity wristlet to use as a cosmetic bag in my large mahogany patnet Ergo. Loving it already!
  10. [​IMG]

    Large Black Zoe (bought the camel color one and changed my mind and got this one instead)
  11. Ok, I'll post a pic of my love, the Large Patent Zoe in Chestnut, she's hanging out with a new friend...

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  12. can you guys post some modelling pics!!
  13. I just got the black/black signature zoe capacity wristlet (the BF got it for me using his PCE. hehehe). Will post pics soon!
  14. #44 Aug 30, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2008
    Thank you! This is the large about 13x14". The extra large is 15 x 16"ish. . .
  15. Make sure you love it and will use it. I have 7 Ali's (for over 2 years now) and do not regret it.