The Zoe Club!! Come, admire, & join!! :)

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  1. HI Girls i'm new to the Coach forum and i have recently fallen in love with Coach again. I thought i was over Coach but here i am again!

    My Dh surprised me with this coach zoe today.



    thanks for letting me share

  2. Your hubby has good taste. Your Zoe is gorgeous!!!! :drool:
  3. What a great hubby!! I love your new bag. Suede makes me nervous, but the more and more I see it I really want this bag. Enjoy it!!
  4. Thanks for the compliment girls. I was really nervous about suede too but gosh it is soo pretty. I know i am gonna be babying this bag like crazy. I'm notorious about babying handbags. My Dh sometime get the eyeroll when he see how i baby them LOL.


  5. How sweet :heart: Lovely bag
  6. Gorgeous bag - welcome to the forum! I love those suede bags - they just look so amazingly touchable!
  7. Yes! That is a beauty! DH is lovely too!
  8. Wow. That's beautiful. I can't wait to get my own Zoe.
  9. FYI for you guys, the Zoe leather is great in the rain! I found out unintentionally today when I was caught in a downpour with no where to hide. The water rolls right off, no water spots at all! I also had the wristlet out all morning in the park with me for a festival and it was drizzled on a good 2 hours straight with no ill effects. I haven't treated either the bag or wristlet with anything at this point, so they are just naturally water resistant.
  10. Can anyone tell me how big is the medium zoe ($398) versus the small one ($198)? I am rather small build, 5". Interested in the red patent!! :nuts:
  11. This is good to know, thanks. Even though my Zoe only has leather trim, I was still concerned.
  12. Medium red patent Zoe ($428) is 13" (L) x 10" (H) x 4" (W) with a 10" drop, it is comparable in size to the medium Carly. The Zoe pouch ($198) is 8 1/2" (L) x 7" (H). It's only 1/2" longer than the Zoe wristlet ($128) and won't hold much more than the essentials. I'd go for the medium, but if you can get to the store to try them on and see if your stuff will fit in the pouch, then that's the way to go!
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    Your Zoe is gorgeous! Your husband did good! Welcome back to Coach!
  14. I'll be part of the club soon!!! I pre-ordered a zeo top handle pouch in BERRY!!! should be here in a few weeks
  15. Here is my new medium Zoe in chestnut. I am not sure I love it though. I love the style of the bag but I am not sure about the patnet leather. I look at the chocolate Zoe's and I drool so I am thinking I need to exchange it for the chocolate. What do you ladies think?