The Zoe Club!! Come, admire, & join!! :)

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  1. Hey Coach gals!
    I didn't see a Zoe club anywhere so I thought i'd create one! (I hope that is OK! ^^)

    I'll start off with my new beauty!!!

    Large Signature Zoe in Bordeaux/Aubergine! ^^;


    Everyones welcome to share/admire/and of course JOIN!!! :yahoo:
  2. can i play? bought the zoe crimson wallet this wkend!
  3. O I did start one... for pilot bags anyways... but I guess I'll put mine here as well! :yes:
  4. Here's my Large Black Leather Zoe (toliet pic! haha-best lighting!), I got this as a pilot bag a few months back before they hit stores...
  5. Oh gosh, that means me too!:yahoo:

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  6. Yeah. Here is my Large Leather Zoe in Black. She is the best.

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  7. Ooh me too!

    Here is my pilot medium camel Zoe. :love:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. That's exactly what I said!!!:tup:
  10. Here is Zoe.:heart: And she's posing with her little mismatched friends. The regular size is just right for me as I can put all my things in and still have room for a book if I want.

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  11. :drool: Beautiful, just beeYOOOOOOtiful!

    December can't get here fast enough for me to be able to participate. :shame:
  12. You girls are SO making me want one!!!
  13. I'm feeling like a red-headed stepchild :sad:...congrats to all of you on your beautiful Zoes!
  14. I am definitly getting the black and chocolate brown zoe....mabye even a suede one too! I just can't decide on the size. large or regular....this is what i usually carry around with me....2 pairs of eyeglasses, and pair of sunglasses with a pretty big case, a wallet, makeup bag, lotion, keys, and sometimes some more, depending on what i'm doing. I carry a med size bag around with me right now and i feel that somedays i don't have enough room in my bag and its a pain to get stuff just not sure if the large zoe will be too big on 5'5 125lbs...will it over power me?? I've been pondering over this for a while now...any modelling pics of both sizes would definitly help im thinkin!!!