The Zoe Club!! Come, admire, & join!! :)

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  1. I wish...but I am banned!

  2. beautiful!!! i want one now...
    which size did u get??
  3. I would definitely go for the large :tup: it slouches great and is not as big as the large Carly.. you won't be sorry! :okay:
  4. Thanks, thats the way I was sorta leaning...just wasn't sure...does anyone else own the same bag in 2 different colors?? its probably a little over kill....these are going to be my first coach purchases!!
  5. Great pics, everyone! I'm hoping to join the club soon! I'm thinking of the chocolate leather Zoe.... mmmm chocolate.... :drool:
  6. I have gallery totes in two different colors! You can't go wrong if you know you love the bag.

    Anyway -- here is my new Zoe. Also a large in Bordeaux/Aubergine

  7. I love the Zoe....I want this one soooo bad...maybe for Christmas if they are still around.....
  8. WOW..everyone's bags are absolutely beautiful!!!! CONGRATS!!!
  9. I hope to be a member of this club in a few days. :graucho: I have something on the way to my house! :yahoo:
  10. Oooohhh...the Zoe in Bordeaux/Aubergine looks delicious! :drool:
  11. You do? Awesome! Can't wait to see!

    I hope the bordeaux/aubergine is around for Christmas too!
  12. Yes, I have something on the way. Let's just say my pce bag just didn't work out for me. ;)
  13. Ooh can't wait to see!!
  14. You are too cute! So the apple fob is on your "Zoe" until you are off ban and can get a real one? I love it!
  15. I saw this IRL today at the boutique and let me just say that the pictures don't do this any justice. It looked so yummy, like a big caramel apple, lol. I want one so badly!