The Zoe Club!! Come, admire, & join!! :)

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  1. Sorry for such a late reply. Haven't had time to be on as much and then didn't notice the notification :sad:
    Mine is antique brass, but still a bit shiny. So maybe you are right and just need to clean the hardware a bit. Good luck & congrats!! I love all of your posts by the way, lots of great info and eye candy :biggrin:
  2. Thanks! Right now I am enjoying my summer bags but I am looking forward to carrying my new to me Zoe in the fall - she's a beauty!
  3. hi :smile: i soon get my xl zoe and i am soooo excited, i see nothing was posted here forever, is there a new zoe club tread open? lol
  4. I don't think there is another thread, it's just that Zoe is an older style, so there aren't droves of people buying her.
    I LOVE my Zoes....they are a great shape and just the right amount of smushy! Congrats on getting her. Post pics when you get her!
  5. I'm trying to convince myself I don't need something in red currant since I already have a beautiful red Zoe!
  6. I know what you mean! ;) Red Zoe is gorrrrrrrgiiiiiii!!
  7. ah ok lol...yeah that make sense i guess.....i am so excited tho....i just fell in love in that style....but after reading trough this trade i am a lil scared the xl is a bit big for me since iam just 5'4.....but then i always was a big purse girl lol....we will see.....i will put some pics up for sure when the beauty arrives :biggrin:

    i love red but end up always with black zoe will be a brown one, so iam pretty bumped about that hihi....
  9. Yep, I have the Zoe love too. Never lost it. I have four of them in medium, two in small, and ....

    1) I'm currently stalking another one on ebay.

    2) I've actually been carrying my medium chocolate Zoe for the last three days.

    3) This past summer, daughter gave 30 hours (no lie) of free private kung fu lessons to a teenage family friend who was preparing for her black belt test. Daughter did it willingly, voluntarily, and with a smile, so as a reward, I told dauhter she could pick out a new bag the next time we were at the outlet. Well, she looked the deletes over and didn't like anything. So I told her she could look on ebay, and guess what she picked? ...... A medium red patent Zoe in excellent condition. We got it, I gave the interior a good cleaning, and now she loves to carry it.

    Zoe's are heavier than some other bags, but to me, Zoe is one of those "last bags" before the leather got thinner. My Kristins are thinner leather, so are my Madisons. Only my Legacy line bags have leather that, to me, is comparable in thickness.

    Sorry for the ramble, but yeah, years later I still love my Zoe's.
  10. I have a large patent leather Zoe in black. I have not used it in a while but I do love the bag. The quality of it can't be beat. Seeing this thread is going to get me to add it back to my rotation. Glad they are making a come back!
  11. i love to hear all the stories about this stunning purse :biggrin:

    my baby is here and i LOVE it.....its the xl chocolate zoe....and it is HUGE just notice how big it is when u have it on yourself LOL.....i took her out shopping yesterday for the first time and she was quite comfortable to wear :smile: its a bit hard to get to my wallet way down in it, but maybe this makes me think twice to buy some before i go to the trouble to fish for my wallet? haha.......
    but all togehter i just love this purse, its just so so pretty.......and yes i already would like one in large...not sure of the color yet tho .... i try to post some pics soon, i am a computer dinosaur and keep forgetting how to post them lol
  12. Congrats! This bag is gorgeous. A friend owns this one and every time I see it, I regret passing it up at the outlet when she bought hers.