............The Spring 2017 Scarves..............

  1. Thanks! It definitely floats my boat. :heart:
  2. What about getting Appaloosa gavroche "and" 6th Samourai?
  3. You're a wise one, cavalla! That would work for me. :hugs:
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  4. :drinks:
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    Still waiting to see the SS17 selections while the AW has already arrived in the stores! Iris mousseline colorway 04, apricot/vert/orange. Yes, this is one scarf!

  6. It's one moussie? Absolutely magnificent, lanit! If this is the one you're wearing as SotD, it really gets a thumb's up!:tup:
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    Thanks dear litchi. It was a real surprise, but I love this design more than any other because it ties so differently every time!:heart:
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  8. It does look tempting! And beautiful for summer. :heart:
  9. Just picked up this gorgeous Zebra Pegasus cw13 from store :love:

    Goes well with all shades of pink and blue!!
    DSC_1594.JPG DSC_1596.JPG DSC_1597.JPG IMG_20170707_150609_762.jpg
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  13. For sure! The color just soooo beautiful IRL!

    Be my twin!!:graucho:

    Resistance is futile once you see it IRL. This mousseline color is so vibrant and totally refreshing to look at. It reminds me of the waters at Lanikai beach in Honolulu :love:
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  15. I REALLY was in a quandary about this mousseline and I had to keep reminding myself that I am just so rough on the mousies.

    It was the same conversation I had to repeat when my SA presented me a Rose Azalee Jige. I opted for the Picotin since I know i will use it.. the Jige I love more - but I have one that I just don't really use enough with my lifestyle.
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