............The Spring 2017 Scarves..............

  1. I totally understand your situation. For me, its more of my DSs (age 2,4,6) that's rough with all my stuff but miraculously all of my scarves/bags survived so far. I was on the same boat as you,especially with the jige. It took me a long long long time to convince myself to get one even though I can only use it maybe few times per month or per season :biggrin: but it was just tooooo pretty (and rare!) to pass on this time.

    I hope you can reconsider this beautiful mousseline because it is truly stunning and goes very well with your Rose azalee picotin!! (the kdt in my pic is rose azalee and I think you did the right decision on the pico instead of jige!!) I'm sure you will enjoy and take good care of it :smile:
  2. Enabled by @lanit I searched and found Iris mousseline 04 to try.

    20170711_182531.jpg 20170711_182513.jpg 20170711_182453.jpg 20170711_182432.jpg
    Now to find 09 that @cavalla has!
  3. Maharani

  4. Gorgeous on you! I'm so happy to see you back! XO
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  5. Thank you both! :hugs:
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  6. Pirula, you're missed. Glad to see you back. :smile: You look great!
  7. That is so very sweet, thank you. I'm back for good!
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  10. If anyone has colorway 01 of Le Jardin de la Maharani, are these photos of the same colorway, and if so, which is the more accurate depiction? TIA!! :flowers:

    1 - photo from the website

    2 - photo not from the website
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  11. Not quite yet! I'll share which Iris finally comes home with me soon! :smile: :flowers:
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  12. I'm not absolutely sure but I would say that the first picture is the CSGM and the second one the 90 cm silk scarf.
    Here is a screen shot from the French website

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    Thanks for replying!! :flowers:

    I should have noted they are both the CSGM. The top one is from the website, and the second is from a reseller's ad for the CSGM. I know many of the photos on the website don't show up on a computer screen as true to life, so I was wondering if that's the case here.
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