............The Spring 2017 Scarves..............

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    This probably may not be too much help but I have a picture showing some of that shawl here (see top left corner of pic). I have to say it looks more like the 2nd pic you posted. The one I am eyeing which is also shown in this picture is MUCH lovelier in real life than H.com stock picture too as you can see.
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    Thank you, yodaling. :flowers: That helps a lot. It does appear more saturated than the one on the website.
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  3. In this instance the photo from the website is nearer the true cw. I have the shawl in this cw, hope to post pics later this week.
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  4. Thank you!! :flowers: It's gorgeous. I look forward to your pics!!
  5. Thanks momasaurus!
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  6. Hermes Nuttynut - photos of Jardin de la Maharani shawl (corail/vert/framboise). The pink is more coral irl.
    PF Maharani total (2).JPG PF Maharani shawl draped2 (2).JPG PF Maharani shawl draped3 (2).JPG
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  9. I have the Jardin de la Maharani in two different color ways and sizes. I can say that the colors from the website do not do either any justice, and they are much more stunning in real life.

    The shawl in blanc/bleu/bois de rose

    (Website photo)





    The 90 in rouge/lilas/jaune soufre

    (Website photo)



    Both were impulse purchases on two separate occasions because the colors were so stunning in person. Neither were on my wishlist, but superseded others and stood out.
  10. Happy to enable :smile:
    BTW, your photo of the coral Marche du Zambeze twill enabled me to add it to my collection.
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  11. I ordered Under the waves today, but I'm getting a bit nervous about the colour I chose. Does anyone got cw 04? And a picture, please?
  12. Under the
    waves was actually a SS2016 scarf. If you search that thread, you may find pictures.
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  13. Hi, Under the Waves is from Spring 2016, you should do a search in that thread! Do believe I have seen 04 posted there. :broom:
    (Gorgeous scarf by the way, I ordered it a couple of months ago in CW 02 and I love it!)
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  14. Thank you, now I understand why I couldn't find it.
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  15. Twins with you on the 90, it it is a surprisingly versatile colorway. I especially love it with my neutrals chambray blue and gray. It was an impulse purchase for me too. Knew it was coming home with me the moment I tried it on :smile:
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