............The Spring 2017 Scarves..............

  1. I know it's early to start thinking about the Spring 2017 scarves as the Fall 2016 have been trickling into stores and H.com

    Intel about Spring 2017 has been posted on the Fall 2016 thread.

    brage9 posted this in the Fall thread:

    I know this is the wrong thread but I just wanted to share that Marche du Zambeze will come in CSGM for SS2017. I couldn't be more exited!!


    If anyone has more info to share please post!
  2. Wow! this is early for Spring 17 but if anyone has any other intel, we would l've to hear it!!! Def happy about the MdZ news bc I missed the 90cm so I was preying it would come in a larger format!!! Yay!
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  3. I was surprised when Spring info cropped up in the Fall thread!
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    Oh my, Is it definite? I'd love to have it in CSGM
  5. I wish there will be more animal related designs than the abstract modern ones...
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  6. Me, too. . . but since this last season's theme was animal-centric ("Nature at full gallop") I expect the critter count will be lower next year. But reprints like MdZ will help! That's going to be gorgeous in a large format! Hope the colorways are cool.
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  7. me too but for other reasons, I am addicted to abstract designs. ;)
  8. I do too. For me, it's all about the animals. :hbeat:
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  9. Seriously hoping that Under the Waves will also be a cashmere GM!!! :love:
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  10. A rumour from my recent trip is a CSGM b/w Cavalcadour with Hibiscus blossoms in each corner. It could be a reedition of the Exceptional Cavalcadour Fleuri some seasons ago.
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  11. Me, too, BBC!
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  12. Sign me up!!!!
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  13. Wow, that would be amazing! I loved the Exceptional!
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  14. had to giggle when I read this Israeli_Flava - ah yes, the degree of our H fanaticism! :giggle:
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