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  1. #196 Apr 18, 2019
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    Thank you Ruby! Nice work on getting your bangle chemicals free!:heart::biggrin::heart: Those are great ideas. I did not even think about finding small items in the carpet. I am always re-stringing something and dropping beads on the floor. lol!
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  2. It's buyer beware when dealing with JadeEmporium on Etsy.
    The bangle they sold me as grade A jadeite was determined to be treated after all (grade B polymer treated but not dyed) by Mason Kay. But honestly, it would not have taken a lab to notice that it glows throughout under UV, just my new favorite toy (UV flashlight). So the seller either is that ignorant or unscrupulous to list it as grade A. Only after I purchased it with the agreement that I would get it tested and return if treated, did they have the nerve to message me to say, "The chances of this one being genuine A grade are 50/50"! It did not say that on the listing. At least I can returning it for a refund. I don't even mind the cost of sending it to the lab and playing around with it and the flashlight - it was a lesson for me. I am just worried that they would try to sell it to another unsuspecting customer at grade A jadeite prices.
  3. I think I am avoiding the polymer impregnation incidents by virtue of the colour factor: emerald green is beautiful, but it doesn't appeal to me very much, I prefer celadon, and light apple, blue hues, moss in snow... I don't care for lavender much either. It seems emerald, lavender, and white is where the Bs and B+Cs keep turning up most often. :sad:
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  4. A shoutout to JadeBeautyLady on Etsy. I think her shop is relatively new and but she has a few beautiful pieces including some that are a nice deep lavender. Not cheap though and I got this green one. Came with a certificate and you can order a second certificate from her from an Australian testing lab for an additional $150 after purchase (of course). I did not bother, just got the original certificate it came with so may send it to get a US certificate at some point in the future but I am happy with the purchase as is. Cleo was very responsive, nice and flexible on the price. Also sent a free lavender cab gift.
    IMG_20190520_165907 (1).jpg
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  5. What beautiful colours, Bear!! I like this very much! the colours of Springtime!
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  6. Hi, anyone got anything from ginger coast in etsy? I am considering a few pieces but some of the prices seem too good for grade A jadeite.
  7. Hi Suchi.

    I have not bought from her, though she was referred to me by some Jadies here as a reputable seller (I almost bough a bangle but it turned out to be the wrong size - my mistake). So while I cannot vouch for her jade personally, I find her very responsive and professional and I think she offers certification. I'll leave it others to add comments if they know more, but looking at her pieces the colors (mostly blue) and other interesting patterns tend not to be the ones most frequently faked.

    That said, I would ask questions and ask for pictures especially of any stone lines /defects present and ask if she will provide a certificate from a reputable agency with the purchase. I don't think she accepts returns as the jade is supposed to be "brand new" so getting a piece under the condition that you can return if your lab determines it is not Grade A is not an option.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide :smile:
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  8. Thank you! I absolutely loved some pendants but was unsure since compared with other reputable sellers, the price seemed too good to be true. I am planning to make a small purchase now.
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