The Reputable jade Sellers list

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  1. Hello, fellow Jadephiles, has anyone had any experience with Ebay seller newcamway88? Thank you very much in advance!

    (Some of you know I´m searching for a certified grade A red jadeite bangle - but they´re few and far between. This seller has several reds, but I am not even sure they *are* natural, untreated jadeite.)
  2. Hi, Pimpernel-

    I am not familiar with this seller, but I recommend doing some reading on jadeite, I learned so much from this guy when I was figuring out what jadeite is supposed to look like:

    Red jadeite is not common, typically it comes from the outside of the jadeite boulder, so be careful and see if they let you return it if it turns out to be dyed or impregnated.

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  3. After looking at their jade, I would guarantee they are dyed and impregnated. They have a weird, fake jelly look.
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  4. These re typical red jadeite:

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  5. @dingobeast, thank you very much for your advice and tips! Yes, that seller´s offerings *did* look too bright and smooth :sad: What about seller shishi.09 (also Ebay)? These four have caught my eye very much (quite low prices and great variation of pieces, from all-around carved or twisted to rough and "unfinished", which I actually like though it may go against aesthetical canon - guess I´m in the minority there) - what do you think, do any of these seem actually "100% natural jadeite", as purported?:
  6. I've dealt with shishi before... some of their jade is grade A BUT the bangles you posted all look color treated to me.
    red is a diffiult color to get sometimes. and sometimes it is red but not as bright as ppl want it so it's heated and then it produces an off type "burnt" looking color that's kinda funky.
    the bangles in that pic do not look unenhanced to me... not for that price anyway.
    getting a grade a red bangle is pretty difficult. you might be able to find a somewhat yellow pricesone before an all red.....however-- not for the prices on these 4 listings that you posted.
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  7. hey there.
    I have been looking at them on eBay....and I have to say A LOT of their bangles look treated and the ones that don't look treated seem to be way expensive for those grade As... a simple opaque that might go for around $100-250 USD is going for around $650 from this seller.
    if you buy from them... let us know!
    I'm also looking at that seller, as i said, but a good deal of their bangles look to be treated imo
  8. Hi Dingobeast, antijade and gojade are the same seller. I recently purchased some small jadeite items from gojade and won an auction for some other jadeite bead from antijade and I got a message from him that he would combine the purchase from "their other account antijade" and send the items in one package. I am happy with both reasonably priced pieces. However, I do not know if there are quality or any other differences in the items between the two accounts.
  9. Hi sire, how do you know their jade merchandise are all natural? like have you tried buying from one? And tested it with a Gemo aftr purchase?
  10. Helloing to all! Please avoid Jade Rabbit Gems. I purchased a simple Pi Disc from them, and 13 days later, "Sara" has not even bothered to ship the item, and has admitted she hasn't. She initially lied about the fake tracking number she had given me shortly after purchase, and DHL has steadfastly maintained they have never received anything from her, and there is no such tracking number. Yesterday, 12 days after purchase, DHL contacted me to tell me that she had finally sent a pre-shipping notice to them, but with no indication as to when she would actually give them the item to ship. They then said that the shipping time, if and when they receive the item, would be 14 to 21 days. Sara blames all the delay on the Chinese New Year. I have asked for a refund. She still has the item. I had a similar (but even worse!) shipping experience with Benjamart Maithong. I recommend neither seller (Etsy).

    During the same Chinese New Year, Nandar of Ultimate Jadeite had no problems sending a purchased bangle via DHL three-day shipping (at her cost), and the bangle is awesome, passes with a high-chime and an ultra-violet light test with flying colours, and I recommend Ultimate Jadeite highly. The items may be pricier, but I think her pricing is fair, and the quality is first-rate.
  11. jojojade does not respond to all my inquiries at all,can you believe it? I sent more than 20 emails already,who would buy from a non rewponding seller online?

  12. Yes, Jade Rabbit Gems. I ordered two jadeite beaded bracelets from them...the photos were kind of deceiving. The first bracelet looked much brighter and the green more Apple green in the pictures, but in person, the bracelet was noticeably muted and grayish. With the second bracelet, the beads looked bigger in the photos, because of the angle in which they took the pictures. But in real life, the beads are kind of small. Ultimate Jadeite has nice jadeite pieces. But I find them on the pricey side.
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  13. Gojade has a big selection of jadeite pieces, especially pendants. The quality is medium. High quality jadeite, not so much. But the prices are reasonable and the seller is very responsive. Shipments are fast.
  14. Here is another seller to avoid...

    MontanasPlace on Ruby Lane. Her name is Jacquie. She is getting negative reports online, and I can believe it after seeing this listing.

    All of her jade looks treated to me, but especially the $165.00 deeply-coloured lavender jadeite bangle linked above. She offers unconditional returns at any time after purchase, and that is probably what keeps the cops away from her door.

    Cheers all...
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