The Reputable jade Sellers list

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  1. Thank you, LunaDoo! I was very worried as I love the teal tone it has.
  2. It's got that layer of translucency that makes it look like a delicious hard candy! :P
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  3. I had this exact same experience with Maithong some time ago. Though I'm not an expert in nephrite/jadeite identification by sight, their bangles looked suspect to me for some reason. Still, I took a chance and purchased a bangle, but once received, I knew immediately that it was not grade A jadeite. Resin/plastic or heavily impregnated bangle, maybe? Regardless, it was treated material. I had to reach out to them several times before I received a response and a refund.
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  5. Hi Dingobeast - well I haven't purchased anything from Yokdee, but she does have some nice-looking items in manageable price ranges. I was very close to buying a beaded bracelet once but didn't go through with it. I know that doesn't help you at all, lol. Curious to know if you've ever been in communication with her?
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  6. Thanks for the response, Nephrite Goddess, I haven't yet spoken to them, but there is a pretty saddle ring that I am kinda stalking.
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  7. I ordered a 63mm bangle to test sizing from ebay seller love-jade which was described as jadeite but from the pictures didn't look like jade. It arrived and no, it is not jadeite. I'm OK with that since I didn't expect it really would be given the price but thought I would put the heads up out there . . .
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  8. Thank you for letting us know. Is there a pic of it? I am curious to see what it looks like.
  9. This is it . . . To be honest, the bangle was lightly bonked into a chair last night and shattered into about 8 pieces /-: The edges are square crystalline and if you touch them crystals crumble off? The seller originally said jadeite and when I pushed re: the density test admitted to serpentine but I don't really know. It served it's purpose . . . but if I had really expected jadeite I would have been upset!
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  10. Thank you! That looks and sounds like whatever mineral was had been structurally compromised to break like that. I had been curious about some of the love-jade things, but now I am cured!
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  11. Actually, now that I look at the love-jade store, I now remember that the one demonstrably fake piece I have came from there. I bought it when I was just learning about jade, and the piece I have is very light, polymer/plastic feeling. It is amazing how much more heavy untreated jadeite is.
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  12. An eBay dealer called antijade has decent things for the price. I actually got a jadeite bead bracelet from them that was way nicer than what I was expecting, nice and heavy and prettier color than I thought I was getting.
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  13. Update on love-jade from ebay. I left neutral feedback since the jadeite bangle was NOT based on the density test, and upon breaking even more so not. Left neutral instead of negative because for the price I didn't honestly expect that it was jadeite despite their claims. They have since sent several emails asking me to remove or modify my review and insisting it was nephrite or "emerald" It was not!
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  14. Yes-they are lucky they didn't get a negative. They need to be honest with what they are selling. Nephrite or emerald, yeah right!
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  15. Want to give a shout out to seller only-jade on ebay. I have purchased two large bangles (63 and 64mm). The first was grade B jadeite and the second is "untreated" nephrite. The seller is very friendly and honest, describing flaws and answering questions clearly and (in my experience) honestly. Both bangles came as described and passed the density test. The nephrite bangle is lovely, his pictures didn't do it justice. Couldn't be happier! Am going to continue watching his auctions and have asked him to keep an eye out for more large bangles.