The Reputable jade Sellers list

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  1. #1 Oct 15, 2014
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2014
    Hi everyone! This thread is dedicated to an ongoing list of online reputable jade sellers. Many members who regularly post on the jade thread feel that such a list is important since we are asked many times about reputable sellers. This list can be added to, subtracted from and so on. If you are new to jade or already a collector and are interested in buying a grade A, untreated bangle or other piece of jade jewelry, the sellers on this list are a good resource.
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    Here is the start list. I have added pros and cons section under each seller in order to give a better description of each seller. I have tried to be as objective as possible. As new experience comes, this list can be collectively updated.

    Jadefinejewelry aka jojojade (2 sites)
    Pros; Huge selection of grade A jades, a jade processing factory which can help you find and even make a specific piece.
    Cons; It is a large company and operates like one, can take days to get back about inquiries, can be overpriced without negotiation.

    GeGe Designs Etsy
    Pros; Wonderful seller, small selection of older, unworn jades which are grade A. Interesting things, layaway and negotiation.
    Cons; Small selection.

    Alohamemorabilia Etsy
    Pros; Sells vintage jades, (mostly grade A, be sure to ask), great value for the money, old mine material, layaway, negotiation.
    Cons; None

    Ultimate Jadeite Etsy and Ebay
    Pros; Very kind seller, bangles with great qualities such as translucence for affordable prices sometimes because of minor other flaws, detailed descriptions and pictures.
    Cons; No negotiation.

    3jades Ebay
    Pros; Great selection of nephrite jade bangles and beads especially. Best offer option, reasonable prices, interesting selection.
    Cons; None.

    Jade Nature shop Ebay
    Pros; Wonderful selection of mostly jadeite jades, especially pendants, reasonable prices, best offer option, good pictures.
    Cons; None.

    Enijew Ebay
    Pros; large selection of very affordable jades such as bangles and pendants, good service.
    Cons; Pictures are not the best. Reported that items look better in person.

    Suzanne's_Corner Ebay
    Pros; Large and interesting selection of A, B, and B/C jades, kind seller who is quick to fix mistakes, best offer option, sometimes accepts low offers on pieces.
    Cons; Very blurry pictures, Sometimes sends the wrong items, flaws are not clearly described or pictured, hard to see description of treatment. (look for 100% untreated jade instead of just jade under description.)

    Unijade Ebay
    Pros; very affordable jade items, easy to contact, nice seller.Best offer option.
    Cons; Some items do not accurately show the flaws in pieces.

    Gojade Ebay
    Pros; Large selection of very affordable jade pieces. Descent seller, best offer option.
    Cons; None.

    Preciousjadeite Etsy
    Pros; Medium selection of mostly jadeite pendants, very affordable, good pictures.
    Cons; None.

    Desire Treasure both on Ebay and homesite
    Pros; Lovely selection of mostly light colored bangles, some pendants, some Nephrite jade, high quality, good pictures, detailed descriptions, negotiation, layaway, flexibility.
    Cons; Tends to mostly have bangles of a certain color range.

    Pros; Fine selection of vintage jewelry with some jade from time to time. Negotiation and layaway.
    Cons; Some items seem expensive.

    Allan from Jadedivers
    Pros; Wonderful person, a gem to deal with, fabulous artisan, hand made bangles, earrings and pendants, very rare and hard to find nephrite jades, some flexibility and negotiation, layaway, one of a kind custom work.
    Cons; None

    GemtownUSA Ebay
    Pros; Great selection of jewelry and gems, mostly STONE bangles such as chalcedony, rose quartz and aquamarine. Very reasonable prices.
    Cons; None.

    Pros; Large and unusual selection of mostly STONE jewelry such as bangles in interesting, harder to find stones. Reasonable prices.
    Cons; None

    The Jade Mine
    Pros; Carries selection of Canadian Polar Nephrite Jade. Interesting designs with some items, range of prices.
    Cons; None

    Jadepeony Etsy
    Pros; Selection of Nephrite Jades, mostly Polar. Range of prices, interesting designs.
    Cons; None.

    Piccolinagems Ebay
    Pros; Wonderful, kind seller, small selection of high quality merchandise, good photos, make an offer option.
    Cons; None.

    Mason Kay
    Pros; Lovely, high quality jades, custom work, jade testing, trunk shows throughout the U.S.
    Cons; Must either contact them for prices and items, or find a retail seller, established name which may be a part of the price.

    Deborah Wilson
    Pros; Jade sculptor, selection of fine, artisan hand made jade bangles, pendants and earrings, jade workshops.
    Cons; None.

    Jade Los angeles Ebay
    Pros; Nice selection of mostly jadeite but some nephrite. Kind seller, best offer option, negotiation, good pictures.
    Cons; None.
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  3. Oh yay thank you so much for this! The jade thread moves so fast and it's so large it's hard to navigate.
  4. Another reputable seller;

    Little Jade Sanctuary Etsy
    Pros; Very intimate selection of fine jades, extremely reasonable prices, kind seller.
    Cons; None.
  5. A friendly reminder that we don't allow any kind of advertising at all.
    This would include members that sell, cannot advertise, and you cannot advertise for those who give you gifts for doing so.

    Enjoy! :flowers:
  6. Thank you Swanky! So noted.

    I thought I would start a list of sellers who look legitimate, (as in they sell untreated, grade A jadeite/nephrite), but do not know of anyone yet who has purchased from them. If you have had experience with a new seller, please let us know!

    AlistarLDesigns Etsy
    Small selection of lovely jadeites.

    Small selection of jadeites.

    Vintagebeauty168 Etsy
    Collection of vintage jadeites. Some are certified. Some harder to find, older jade colors.

    Koojade Ebay
    Seems legit but overpriced a little. Best offer option though.
  7. Has anyone ever bought from Rikooinn ?
  8. Nice! This is a great place to put feedback for sellers and purchases, whether positive, neutral, or negative. Much easier to have a single thread to search in for information about a seller or sellers than to wade through all the discussion in the other thread.

    To stay on topic: my last purchase was from Enijew: 2 pair of "cracked" jade earrings. Very unnoticeable cracks, Grade A jadeite, unmarked white metal posts advertised as sterling but I have no way to verify. Decent price considering I have no local market to compare to.
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    Hi Millicat, I have never heard of that seller. What are your impressions of them? I tried to find them but couldn't.

    Another reputable seller:
    Pros: Selection of South American Jadeite.
    Cons: None at present.
  10. Hmmm, i'm swaying to the negative purely on the feedback given on Ebay which isn't necessarily a good thing, and is why it would be good to hear the experiences of others.
    Historically i've bought from sellers who've been given negative for something and it's been the perfect experience ......
    You really do need to hear plenty before trying a new seller.
  11. That is really true Millicat. There is always the possibility that something in online jade sales will be less then perfect because we are dealing with people and human error, as well as the multiple qualities of jade. Even with the best sellers, there is always something that could happen which would earn them negative feedback.

    Ok, another promising seller:

    Jadeitehome etsy
    Pros; Descent prices, some icy jade.
    Cons; Small selection.
  12. Hey jade experts, I don't know if this is a good place to ask, so let me know if there is somewhere else to post this, or a new post should be initiated :smile:

    I am looking for a jade necklace in yellow gold with a modern look. Something like the Tiffany ELSA PERETTI Green Jade Cabochon Pendant (attached a picture). I have never seen it in person so I don't know how the jade looks like, but I like the design. Do you know any reputable seller offers similar necklaces, but maybe a little more options/characters on the jade?


    Attached Files:

  13. I don't but I know a woman that probably will :P :yes:
    PM Clairejune incase she's not see this post :hugs:
  14. I'd start a new thread so this one stays on topic or post in the general jade thread :tup:
  15. I just received 2 jadeite bangles from a store on Etsy which has bangles that range from $11-$500. All her things are grade A, untreated and one can pay an extra $100 for certification if one needs proof. Usually people don't want it considering the low price range. Anyway, the bangles are ice clear and white jade with black inclusions like a winter landscape. These were the last from this series, but I think this seller is a great resource for unusual bangles at great prices. I've never seen even similar bangles to some of her bangles.

    WaterlilyProducts Etsy
    Pros; very reasonable prices, hand selected slabs which are then cut, of nephrite, jadeite and chalcedony, fantastic customer service, unusual items, great polish and hand finishing on bangles.
    Cons; very little negotiation, extra payment for fast shipping under orders of $100.