The Reputable jade Sellers list

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  1. Has anyone purchased from etsy seller HeavensStoneZ?

  2. Thank you! That is someone I have not yet bought from.
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  3. I just went scrolling through the old jade posts to find you -- I think he would be able to help your flight attendant friend!
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  4. Yes! SO nice to see some bangles that are larger than 60mm for once.
  5. I was hoping I couldl get some info about SG test that would help me detemine if my bangle is A like the certificate says or B treated? I was told the differecne in SG would be so small that it would not be a good test as I imagine my method would not be that accurate anyway & the margin for error would be too big to see any differece???

    I have a mettler balance scale that will weigh to .001
  6. Great thread...Will have to check out some...

    Saw this definte treated bangle with a A certificate for so cheap it must cost $7 plus $10 shipping from China...

    Look at this listing...How the hay could that be A grade with that deep color & for $17 with free shipping from China???

    Anyone know this lab??? I bought a bangle with a certif from this lab & now I am concerned...''

    Did not do a SG test but looked under the microscope & it has some black fleck inclusions & its not glowing with UVlight.. Sad it might be a acid bath baby,,...

    jade bangle P1170668 red.jpg
  7. Hi and welcome! This thead is to discuss purchases and experiences from sellers you've done business with and we try to keep it on track, if you repost this question on the main jade thread, the ladies there will be happy to discuss treatments and checks.

    I'm not familiar with either the seller or the testing company, but with the item you linked... there is pretty much no way something of that lavender color/translucency would sell at that price if it were really grade A. Also, in that listing, the certificate title is misspelled.... which could just be a translation error, but could also be indicative of larger problems.
  8. Was checking out some of their bangles. Quite a few pale lavendars that look like mine in the $2000 to $4000 range ///that is they look acid treated...well to me from what I have been told about mine...the jello look. Anyway out of my price range & seems they have sold treated but thankfully stood behind their bangles not like some sellers.

    Too late to get an oversea bangle as I need it delivered in under 2 weeks...
  9. I just wanted to add that this was my experience too. Her customer service was great, the product not so great.
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  10. @dingobeast
    I HAVE!!!!! I have bought 2 beaded bracelets and 1 bangle from them.
    He is way nice and I have been super happy with my purchases. All of my purchases were grade A. and right now he has some yummy lavender bangles!!! but they are in the small sizes: 50mm-54mm.... I need a 59mm at least!!!
    I was way happy with what I got. .my first purchasewas a beaded bracelet.... it was super small but I got it for less than $20 use
    I wish he had bracelets for bigger wrists and listed the size how UJ lists her beaded bracelets!!!!
    all in all-- I believe yokdee jadeite to be reputable so far... that's been my experience

  11. Thank you, Lokablue!
  12. Hi, any idea about the Etsy shop Jaderabbitgems? Very pretty pieces and the price is affordable. The pieces are advertised as grade A.
  13. Hi there,
    Thank you for that thread, that is so useful to newbies like me !
    Sorry Suchi, I do not know that shop :sad:
    I have been spying on that Etsy shop : wandajewelry2013
    Has anyone bought anything from them ?
    Thanks and have a happy day all !
  14. In wandajewelry some of the items are described as natural untreated I think those are grade A. Other ones that she describes as natural I think are grade B or BnC.
    I have purchased from Ultimate Jadeite in Etsy and it's a lovely shop.
  15. Thank you Suchi for your answer. I am quite tempted by wandajewelry’s jadeite bangles. However, I am not sure about the reliability of PNJ’s certifications.
    Hence my initial question.