The Reputable jade Sellers list

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  1. Thanks, jadeitelite! You can translate the page with your browser. This should help reading at least some of the text.
    Your bangle is beautiful. I like the translucency and splash of green floating color. it is a very calm watery effect. I'm glad you received it and are happy with the credentials.
  2. Leyingh,


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  3. I would like to recommend a brick and mortar store in Hong Kong that you can contact via email or through Facebook. The store is Mei Mei Wonbow and I found out about them via a travel article where to buy jade in Hong Kong. I reached out to them via Facebook and specifically requested a 50mm inner diameter jadeite bangle with a width of less than 7mm. I also wanted to get the most translucent bangle I could for my $5K budget. After communicating with Ziennifer for a week, she sent me three photos of which I chose my perfect bangle. I wired my payment and within three days of receiving my payment, I received my bangle in California. So if you are looking for a particular jadeite bangle that you cannot find on online stores, I highly recommend contacting Mei Mei Wonbow. My New Jadeite Bangle.jpg