The PEARL Lovers Thread!

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  1. Beautiful! :biggrin:
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  2. [​IMG]
    Multicolored Tahitians today!
  3. Lovely with so much luster! :biggrin: Don't think I've seen your pendant before...
  4. Today, I wore my Octo pendant I named Luna with my Heather Benjamin Carved abalone horn earrings.
  5. Thanks! The pendant has a pearl surrounded by ancient Roman glass from Israel. This was the first time I paired it with my multi colored Ts.
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  6. How cute is that octo pendant! Love the earrings too. Haven't seen anything like that before.
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  7. Any uk based people here that know a good, reasonably priced place to buy Akoya studs?
  8. Love the diamond spacers
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  9. So I got the idea from a strand I saw in a window in NYC. I went to the bead store and picked up some CZ spacers and love the look. They really add something to the strand. I went back to get more but they were all sold out. I guess they are rather popular.
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  10. I love the look of the spacers in your necklace. Give it a special look & style. I love your pendant with the Roman glass. I have a fish pendant made with Roman pearl, tho.
  11. Dreary day today so I decided to wear my green Tahitians & my beetle wing Abalone horn earrings from Heather Benjamin. I just love wearing these. No matter how hard I try or what light I use, I cannot capture how green this T strand really is. I guess it's one of those "see to believe" pieces. LOL
    Sorry for the no makeup but it's a lazy day for just staying in & being warm & comfortable. 20190113_143550.jpg 20190113_143352.jpg
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    Another cold & wet day so I brightened my day with my Gss & Fiji strands when I went to get my nails done. :graucho:
  13. Beautiful! :biggrin: It's been so hot here for the past few weeks that it's been pendants for me
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  14. Cashmere sweater with blue & white Akoya strands. 20190118_155913.jpg
  15. I ordered this strand from Kongs in late December and it arrived a few days ago. It was described as purple with bronze overtones and in the site pics seemed pink with peachy gold. I hoped it might scratch my burgundy edison itch. They didn’t, but they are pretty. They have greenish and what I will call moon colored overtones on mauve colored pearls. Sitting next to me in the gloom of a dreary day with incandescent light, they are lovely and moon green mauve beauties, on my neck they basically look lavender. My bigger strand does the same thing, wine and copper off, purple on my neck. Lighting plays a big part with these metallic edisons for some reason. I find them really pretty, but not that different in color from my larger strand. This time I used rose thread since they are somewhat lighter. To my eyes, they looked so much better than what the camera caught, but here they are :smile: