The PEARL Lovers Thread!

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  1. I have been hanging out in the Jewelry Box a lot recently, mainly in the Cartier and VCA threads - it's no secret that I dig golds. But honestly, pearls are truly my first love for jewelry, ever since I was a little girl... We all grow, over the years, I started to love yellow golds and diamonds, but pearls have always been held closely to my heart.

    I love them from faux to Mikimoto, and I love them as necklaces, studs, earnings, rings, bracelets, hairbands, and even on a nice pair of classy pumps (think Chanel)! I guess you can also say, it goes as far as pieces from big houses like VCA and Rolex, which are made out of Mother of Pearl. But really, there should be a dedicated love for those sweet beads, with that translucent glow and that nacreous and iridescent color!

    This is a place to call out all the pearl lovers. Share, discuss and dream! (Mods - feel free to merge if there is a Pearl thread, I did not find any. Thank you!)
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  2. I love pearls too. I always seem to love the single pearl pendants and drop earrings the most. I would love to see some pics and share in the love of pearls. This thread is certainly deserved. Yay!
  3. Hi!!:wave:Pearl lover here!!!:salut:I too love them in all shapes and sizes, don't have a favorite as I like them all!! :biggrin:Sadly, don't have any pics to share at this time, but I hope to have some soon!!:biggrin:
  4. Me too. Great thread OP. My pearl studs are my most worn and I love their range of colours. I never thought I'd get so much use out of a single strand necklace, but it's been something I wear to work more than anything else.

    I recently discovered Sophie Bille Brahe designs (she's a Danish designer). I like that she makes more contemporary gold and pearl pieces. Especially her rings.
  5. Glad to see you all! This is my little necklace collection. All costume :smile:

  6. Hi Bouganvillier! I remember you from the Jade thread!
    I have some pearl pictures to share.
    These are some freshwater pearl necklaces that I have collected over the years.

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  7. Here are some vintage large mabe pearl earrings in 14k yellow gold.
    I never wear them, but I like to keep them because they make me think of Princess Diana.

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  8. Also here are some large (10mm) earrings, bracelet, necklace. Not bought as a set, but I think they go together.

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  9. One more to share.
    This is a vintage Dior costume pearl necklace. It's costume, but it rivals "real" pearls. It's nice and heavy, and fun to wear.

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  10. A messy box of pearls:

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  11. Great thread! I've just bought my first mikimoto stud earrings. I will post photos as soon as I can. I've always had a soft spot for pearl earrings and I've got a couple of pairs and I need to gather for a family portrait.
  12. I love pearls. I have many different types and colors including baroque blue Akoya and golden South Sea studs. But my favorite are the Tahitian pearls! Their colors are so difficult to capture though. Please excuse the large pictures, I wasn't able to resize them.

  13. Beautiful. I am considering getting a pair. May I ask how many mm are these and where you purchased them from?

  14. Thank you! All of my pearls are purchased from Pearl Paradise. You could order straight through the website but for Tahitian pearls I prefer to have them hand selected so that I am sure to get the color I desire. They have a 'live chat' button and the employees on there are very helpful. Tell them what colors you are looking for (or show them a picture) and ask them to select a few options and email you pictures. This way you are sure not to be disappointed. Also, you can follow the Pearl Paradise blog. The owner of the company and his wife often post the most special pearls on the blog. That's where I selected the first pair.

    I am unsure what the size is on the first pair but the second pair is 8-9mm. I have small ear lobes and these just barely pull down. They also don't require the supports that my 9-10mm South Sea pearls require to stay upright.
  15. Thank you so much for all the handful information. I am going to at a look at a few pairs in person to see which colors I like and I will then look into PP. Your Tahitians are stunning!