The PEARL Lovers Thread!

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  1. Happy Pearly New Year! :biggrin:
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  2. Back at you Pearlie sister!
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  3. Thank you, you too.
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  4. Here are the promised mod shots of my harvest strand. It looked horrible with my at home clothes but I am back at work today
    A0781122-5103-43DA-AB41-07A89AADD46A.jpeg ED36D6AA-748A-4527-B5A4-03A29A33E354.jpeg 2DB331E3-8F36-4FAC-80D8-A37AEFEBFE76.jpeg
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  5. Looks lovely! You are brave wearing that strand to babies would be touching it all day long and I would most likely catch it on something!
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  7. I work in a middle school, touching is forbidden:smile:
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  9. Aerinha your harvest strand looks great!
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  10. Thanks everyone. I am really happy with it. Should PP get their harvest bracelets out I no longer think I will redo it to add in
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  11. Iceberg pearl and my fuchsia coat
  12. It’s hard to see in the photo but my bracelet has some faint surface markings on one pearl. I tried soap and water. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks
    9A658464-D73F-4C7A-A2DB-4CD0859DBC2E.jpeg 88A517AF-2C89-467D-AC37-228876CA112A.jpeg
  13. If the marks are scratches, no. If they are dirt you could try mixing salt with a little water to make a scrub and gently rubbing the pearl with it. Then rinse thoroughly with water
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  14. Wearing my metallic edisons today. Kind of matchy matchy with the purple sweater but they are hard to pair
    33333E95-013D-4433-80EA-6E8293B97E74.jpeg 91541D71-8754-4CCC-A388-966C9C88FF3A.jpeg
  15. Stunning! The glow is amazing!!
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