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  1. I purchase the Dreamer safety chain over the weekend. I've only had it a few days, and here is what I noticed:

    - It makes putting my bracelet on/taking it off much easier
    - It does not tangle or get caught on anything
    - It adds something special to the bracelet. I feel like it somehow completes the look (my bracelet isn't full and I will be adding to it but it really brings it all together).

    Hope that helps!
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    Very useful information my friend. Thank you.:smile:

    Beautiful bracellet! So elegant. Well done!:smile:

    I see. Thank you so much! Really apprecaite it.

  3. Very nice! Was there a reason why you never added murano beads? I'm indecisive about adding muranos or not.
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1388600443.565288.jpg

    Hi everyone,
    I need your advice:

    I'm indecisive about adding muranos.

    To the pandorina's who decided not to add murano beads on their bracelet - why?

    And why did you add muranos on your bracelet? Do you ever get sick of the colours you chose?

    Here's my bracelet!
  5. You're welcome, and thank you. :biggrin:

    Yep. I don't like them. Ha. I find them too big and bulky, I think pandora is already chunky enough for me. :smile:
  6. There are two types of safety chains. There is the usual safety chain which goes over the threads at the end of the bracelet, then there is a safety chain that clips onto the bracelet itself just before the threads (there is just one design for this type). Don't let one person's experience scare you off. Some times the normal safety chain will twist round on the thread tightly which will make the clasp difficult to open; however, people would just unloosen the safety chain before opening the clasp. It's common sense, so anyone would just do this automatically before opening the clasp. I have never known anyone to force the clasp open. For example, it's like a charm that's made its way onto the end thread. You would just unroll it back down the bracelet. This is the same for the safety chain. You don't jam it on tight at the ends, you just roll it over the threads and make sure it's a little loose. Out of everyone who has a safety chain on this forum, the majority will say buy one. Also, the person who said she didn't like safety chains, still one on so it can't be that bad. I think you should buy one and try it out at home. You have the usual 28 days for returns. I would say you won't regret it.
  7. This is for Pandorarose.x
  8. The clip on safety chain cannot be clipped onto the end threads.
  9. For people who don't like the thread on safety chain, the clip on is definitely the best choice.
  10. I personally think muranos add colour and texture. Some people don't like them and some do. Maybe you could get one to try.
  11. I love your bracelet. I have three pink muranos on and I love them. I love most of the muranos. It's really just to add colour and to add a something little different so it stands out. My bracelet is pink themed. I notice that your bracelet has pink, champagne and two tone. Perhaps you could get the white looking glass as a suggestion or the cherry blossom murano. Both are gorgeous.

    Can I ask a question about your cherry blossom charm - is it very sparkly and do you love it?

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  13. I love all your rings in fact. Super choices!
  14. I also collect troll, and except for the cherry blossom murano and a fascinating murano in white I just don't like pandoras muranos. I think your bracelet looks lovely don't change it!
  15. In addition to my other reply, I'd like to say that I actually like the look of muranos on bracelets, I just don't like wearing them myself!

    Thanks. I love them too :biggrin: I just wish pandora still did the "odd" numbered sizes.
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