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  1. Was wondering the same. The safety clips look cute.
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    Funnily enough, this charm is on sale in the UK due to it being discontinued.

    Brilliant, are they both for yourself and will you wear the xmas tree charm now?

    Yes you are right, it does look a bit bigger than the others. It would look lovely as a centre piece.

    You should definitely get one for sure. No one has ever regretted getting a safety chain. I know a lot of people like that safety chain, but if I'm being honest, I'm not keen on the pattern or the fact that it clips on and leaves the threads on show. You would have to remove your end two charms for it to fit on, whereas the normal safety chain can just screw onto the threads without you having to take of any charms.
  3. They are for me. Not sure if or when i am going to add them to my bracelet. May just keep them until i have enough to fill up the sides as if its out of balance i wont like it again and besides i cant face taking off the charms just so i could add one each side :smile:
  4. Thanks. You are absolutely right, yes that is exactly what I am going to do next to finish my bracelet - adding a two tone heart safety chain onto it. Then I think that should be it for a while:smile:.:smile:
  5. Hi Pandora ladies! I need your cool advice. I think my two tone braclet just looks a bit too full therefore I want to take one charm off as I have still got the receipt so I may even take it back to Pandora. The reason being is that I will add a safety chain to finish the look. But by then, my bracelet may look too busy or too much with the safety chain on. So please can you let me know what you would like to do if it was yours. Sorry for being a bit pathetic.

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  6. I love a challenge! Ok, this is what I think. I think the faith, hope and love charm should go on a necklace, and you should take the clear primrose path off, to enable room for your two tone safety chain which I think will be perfect, and set your bracelet off to perfection!

    Which charm do you have in mind to take off?
  7. I would say put the tree of life charm on a necklace it would look beautiful on its own and not even be mistaken as a charm bead.

  8. Just choose the one u like least and take it off. Maybe a rounded bead that's just there for looks.
  9. Have you tried any of the online retailers? Anything in particular you're looking for?

    I personally don't think they are. I've seen some looked frayed and worn after only a couple of months, and even the leather coming unglued from the silver. But maybe these hasn't been looked after properly.

    If this was mine, I would probably take off the faith love hope dangle, and the pink showstopper, add one more two tone charm, then the two tone hearts safety chain. I don't think it would look too busy at all :smile:
  10. it's true that is look feminin, i was looking to put a little ring underneath too, i will see, thx for the pics :smile:


    i think i will go with what most people said and put the faith hope and love charm on a neckclace:smile:
  11. In order for you to fit a safety chain on the full bracelet, you are going to need to remove 2 beads, I think. I would remove the pink bead, leave the charm on (because it adds character and balances the lock and key on the other side.) I would also remove the primrose path bead. It is a bead that looks great as a stand-alone bead on the bangle or a necklace until you have another place to put it.

    I have had my Pandoras for over 10 years now, and I am NOT a fan of safety chains. The one that I have tightens on its own and make it virtually impossible to remove the bracelet easily at the end of the day. I haven't had any trouble with my clasps coming undone and to secure my beads, I use a third clip! I don't like things covering the end threads because they squeeze the barrel clasp and make it hard to open. A dear friend of mine actually broke her bracelet because of the safety chain on the threads!
  12. Sounds like your friend's safety chain was on too tight on the threads. If she untwisted it a bit, the clasp would have opened fine. I think she opened the clasp without realising that if the safey chain was on too tight, it would break the bracelet. I don't think many people have a problem with their safety chain. It is personal preference though to have one. I've been wearing Pandora for 8 years and I've never had a problem with my safety chain.
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    I just want to say Thank You to givemegold, babylovepandora, daisyw, psychspirit, auberielle, Tibitha14 for your time and kind advices. I really really appreciate them all. Sounds like I need to give the idea of adding a sefety chain another thought... I won't rush but will take a few days to think and perhaps re-arrange the charms to see if anything new strikes me or not. So far I haven't see anyone who has said I should take off the newly added flower bouquet charm off :smile:. It was actaully the one I wanted to take back to the shop. But again thank you all so so much. You are all very very kind :hugs::hugs::hugs:!!
    Wishing you all a very very happy new year!xxxxxxxxxxxxx...:party::party:
  14. HAPPY NEW YEAR ladies on the purse forum!x Have a great year in 2014. I hope you all get many more lovely charms, and most of all be happy and successful.x
  15. Do what you think is best. If you go with the safety chain that clips on the bracelet before the end threads, you won't have a problem with it at all. To do this you would need to take off two big charms from either side.
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