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  1. I don't have one myself. But having seen other lady's comment about the quality of hte leather bracelets, they are very durable and long lasting. A lady said that she's been wearing her leather one for a few years by now but it still looks new. Maybe this could be a useful tip for you.:smile:
  2. I like the ring. You should get the ring. In the school where I work, a lot of students wear this particular ring so every time I see it, it just reminds me of them, hence I would never buy it. Out of the charms, I like the fish and the champagne rose charm best. I also like the two tone and the murano.
  3. That's a lovely bracelet, you must be very happy with it. Are you going to add some colour to it?

  5. Charms are really expensive here. A basic silver charm can cost up to £30, with a silver dangle charm at £35. It's so not worth it.

    Have you tried the website that I posted a day or so ago. They still have some charms left. Some shops still have them in, such as the one in Durham/Metro Centre.
  6. Your bracelet is really pretty. Are you thinking of buying a safety chain for it to finish the look?
  8. Here is my collection so far:



    I really want to get the new bow charm for my first bracelet
  9. Lovely collection. The bow charm is gorgeous in real life. It looks so pretty on, you must get it.
  10. thx everyone for your suggestions i will need to see them IRL and compare

    i will try the ring for sure and if i fell in love i will buying and if i'm not sure i will pass for this time.

    Thx, i'm really happy , i wanted for a long time and it have a lot of meaning. I want some colour for sure, i pretty sure i will buy the splish splash because it will represent my son who his sign is pisces. the splish splash got blue eyes so i will go with this colour, i think i will wait for the murano, but i want some for sure.

    i want to look for this charm too:
    so i will have two blue stone for beginning, i will see, i just don't know :lol:

    really love the first bracelet, it look very feminine
  11. Got my two tone flower basket in the post today and while i was out i bought the two tone Christmas Tree reduced to £35 from £65. Not showing as sale on Pandora web site though.
  12. lucky is never on sale in usa........

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  13. I have the princess ring and honestly I love it just because it looks so feminin, also you can stack other rings underneath, I usually stack with the Faith ring also from Pandora

  14. Yes I've seen it, its kinda bigger than most charms I think, but it's so cute
  15. My local Pandora I think may be a franchise because Swarowski, Emerson Haig, Follie Follie, Links and Pandora are next door to each other and all come under Emerson Haig so maybe they can set their own prices ? I wouldn't have paid full price for either of them so I'm very happy at the mo.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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