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  2. For christmas i was surprise to got a new charm, i got the pixie. It was the next one i want the most, if you have read the thread i was saying that i wanted this one to be my angel guardian in memories of all the people that i love and have passed away.

    So theres pics with my new charm

  3. Im thinking about starting a Pandora bangle but don't want it completely full. Can you buy stoppers to stop the charms from moving around?
  4. Yeah I think these are the clip charms :smile:
  5. Now girls i will need your advices. For my birthday and for christmas i got two gift card. And because i do well in 3 exams, i can rewards myself with a new charm. So there is a possibility of something like 3 charms, and i hesitate a lot. First, i want to try the ring my princess: 190880CZ.jpg because i know that i will eventually buy the charm my princess to represent my little girl, so it will "match" i dont know if i will love it. I dont want to bee too long so i would put some pics of the charms that i want and you can tell me your favorite and the want that can match the best with my bracelet. I just want to know too what do you think about the spacers? first of all i was like never i will buy somes, but now i think that i want somes, so i'm curious to ear you about that, thx










  6. I LOVE the princess ring. For myself, I would get the ring before I got the charm.

    Of all the charms you posted, I like the moss charm the most. That will probably be my first two-tone charm. I think it's beautiful :smile:
  7. Definitely get the champagne rose! I have one and stare at it multiple times a day. :smile: I'm's sooo beautiful. It just adds so much romance and femininity to a bracelet.
  9. Hey there!
    Absolutely. I'm loving my bangle that I have divided in half by a small black rubber "c" shaped stopper given to me by the jeweler, then I put a clip right over it! Works like a charm
  10. Splish splash is adorable.
  11. thanks for all the compliments, i really love the gilded cage, though i wish i had thought to post a modeling pic of the golden dragonflies while i had it for a brief moment :smile:
  12. Ive read multiple comments on the increased price of Pandora charms in the UK. How much more do they generally cost? I thought they were expensive enough already.......sadly that hasn't been a deterrent for my addiction :smile:

    Went to Pandora today to scope out color scheme for 3rd bracelet- thinking I'm going to do a multi color one- with 3 Folklore Muranos to bring together all the colors. With my current two I'm limited to Blues on the first and Red/Pink on the second......I'd liek to not be limited with my 3rd. I'm also considering the Twinkle Twinkle clips and the Raindrop safety chain. I want to add the Peacock charm and the Wise owl as well.....but have to pace myself.
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    Just updated my bracelet by adding a flower bouquet charm onto it.

    PS. I felt so upset yesterday when I found out that all two tone charms were sold out during the sale. I even didn't realise there was a sale starting from 27th coz UK rarely did any sales. I could have got a couple of desired but retired two tone charms at half price :sad: So disappointed.

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  15. I have their silver bracelet and it's almost full. Am thinking of starting a double wrap leather one (the plain one, not the weaved design type). Anyone has one? Are they durable?
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