the PANDORA Thread

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  1. The last one was too long and is now archived. For reference you can find it here.

    A few key reminders:

    -This is for PANDORA only, it's not a general chat thread, we have one for the Jewelry Box already.

    -you CANNOT buy/sell/trade here or via PM

    -do not post what you are interested in selling - this is advertising

    -do not ask for members to get pieces for you

    I had a lot of complaints about subtle advertising in the last thread - or flat out clear advertising! That IS NOT allowed and you could be banned for this. Also, advertising your friends auctions is complained about. . . people know this is happening and it's actually counterproductive, makes them deliberately NOT buy because it's irritating to see people promoting their friends only.:idea:
  2. wow,new thread for 2014!i am very happy to be the first to reply😍

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  5. I've had a look on John Greed and argento for charms, so I'll have a look at some of the others. Ta x
  6. Gorgeous! Love the pinks!
  10. thank u

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  15. Thank you! I recognize it now, I think it just shined so much in that first photo I was like WHOOO! It must have caught my eye for a reason. A year just passed marking 1 year since I lost someone special. I think I will get it :smile: thank you :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.