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  1. If you are not a fan of safety chains, do you still keep it on?
  2. I'm still debating whether I should get a safety chain for mine. It's about 3/4 full. Each time I go to the shop to get one, I somehow managed to talk myself out of it. Those of you who have one, do you have problems with it tangling?
  3. Happy new year to all you lovely ladies! Wishing you happiness and good health!

    My new year resolution is to not buy any materialistic things so that I can buy my condo sooner! So unfortunately that means I can't buy Pandora for myself! But my bday is around the corner! :smile: Oh gosh, another yr older....

    Welcome 2014!

  4. I bought the silver hearts safety chain and I love it! Definitely makes my bracelet look nicer. I was also undecided like you but it's worth it! I like the screw on ones so it doesn't take up room on my bracelet.
  5. Happy New Year Ladies!!! I'm looking forward to celebrating Pandora with you guys this year!
  6. I've never had a problem with it tangling.
  7. No, no problems. I would fully recommend one. Mine annoyed me a little when my bracelet wasn't completely full, as it would unscrew from the ends, but I've loved it since.
  8. I updated my two tons this week! I took off my cupcake and added the love and hugs. The cupcake didn't sit nicely next to the other charms. I also took off my gold clips :nogood: I was scared of losing them and as a result wasn't wearing my bracelet. I'm much happier with it now! :smile: here's a photo, and also one of some of my favourite rings! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1388577701.881098.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1388577718.012148.jpg
  9. Anytime! You could take it into the shop and try a safety chain. Ohhh no I wouldn't take off the bouquet, it's too pretty.
  10. Absolutely love your collection. I love your gold and pearl ring.
  11. Thank you! :biggrin: I love it too now. I had 2 more silver bracelets, but I did some serious downsizing and sold them. I'm much happier with my things now :smile: I did keep some silver stacking rings though.
  12. Loving the rings! Really jealous!
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  14. The screw on ones go over the threads, the clip on ones clip onto the bracelet before the threads, so the threads are still visible. :smile:
  15. :smile: thank you
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