~*~ The PANDORA thread! ~*~

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  1. Welcome to the Forum! again!......:P......this crash really threw everyone for a loop I think.... did you have to register again? Please do share and don't forget the pics!......:biggrin:
  2. Are those muranos Pandora? I don't every remember seeing them but I think they're beautiful.....reminds me of water and waves. Very nice! Oh, and thank you for the welcome!
  3. Yes, i did have to re-register.....everything was lost but worst of all, I was really missing reading all of these blogs. Am seriously addicted!:P
  4. I'm seriously addicted too I couldn't get anything authenticated that I was watching on ebay LOL! I was going crazy checking every 10 minutes to see if it was back up...
  5. Question: how long does it take for mememe accessories to deliver to the US? I ordered a retired bead today (and of course, I want it tomorrow!)
  6. oh nice!!! you've got a christ charm!..... and that crown....:graucho:
  7. well, whenever I've ordered from the UK it generally would take 7 - 10 days....
  8. good, that's not so bad. Just wondering.
  9. yes I stumbled on that.I refused to pay what I see them listed on eBay for and sprung for a used one,lol.That crown has decommissioned me:roflmfao:

    No those are universal troll beads.I bought a pink kit.a bracelet with a big flower clasp and a T initial too.I want the yarn charm they make but that's it.I don't think anymore will be coming in the mail to me.I'm definitely a Pandora Girl :P
  10. Here is what I call my victory bracelet....victory over my weight. Every time I met one of my goals, I rewarded myself with a few beads. The bracelet is almost full, and I'm almost to my goal weight.

  11. YEAH!!!! It worked!
  12. I know what you mean.... I hope that never happens again!.....:girlsigh:

    Pathetic aren't we! lol!.....anyone would think we didn't have a life.....:P

  13. OMG!!! I love, love, love your bracelet! :love::heart::cloud9: That's it.....I'm starting a pink one next!
  14. That is awesome and a lovely way to reward yourself.What is the one thats above your mother of pearl?

  15. Thanks Issie!!!! I really like it too and it really kind of just evolved. Will try to post my other bracelet soon. And of course, I'm planning my next bracelet already..... a two-tone one.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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