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  1. Hi!.... long time no "see" lol....
  2. unfortunately no :sad:
    This is why I always shop on ebay or have to wait forever until I go to Toronto since I know there is an actual store in the RBC plaza with everything.
    There used to be one store about 15 min away when I first started to get interested in the bracelets, but they got rid of pandora to carry camilia or whatever it's called and now they don't carry anything to do with any charm bracelet because every jewellery store in our mall carries camilia...
    The closest is about a 45 min drive away but it's a jewellery store with a small back corner of pandora and they only sell select charms and bracelets they don't sell the other items. They don't even sell gold charms only silver and a few two toned. It's a waste to drive there since they don't have much of a selection. I did drive there to get my two tone flower clips last year though because I couldn't wait until I got back to Toronto!
    Kingston is the next closest place and it is an hour drive in good traffic since we take the 401. So far I don't know what they carry but hopefully they have the rings at least!
    I feel pandora deprived in the sticks! I don't think there is a market here for pandora though. I seem to be the only person with a bracelet around here.
  3. Ok, lets try this again. Hello everyone! I'm new to blogging but have loved Pandora for a few years now. A few months ago I discovered this thread and thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Been reading all of your entries since then with great pleasure. I hope you don't mind if I share from time to time. Thanks everyone....you are all fun to read.
  4. yeah like i think the one thats here is a white store.she just has a small section and she doesn't have the gold stuff.just the two toned!
  5. girlll that was the longest i swear
  6. love love love it! i swear purple is the answer to a gorg bracelet

  7. ok I googled and found this:

    Silver Store
    A Silver Dealer carries a large selection of PANDORA jewellery, displayed in PANDORA cases.
    White Store
    At a White Dealer, you will find a fairly good selection of PANDORA jewellery.

  8. I think I've welcomed you before....but :welcome2: again!
  9. well everyone....Pathetic I know...but I think I'm going to go to bed....lmao and read!!!!

    I'm sure DH will wake me up when he gets home from Toronto banging things etc.... I'm a very light sleeper...
  10. Yes, you did....thank you. Then I tried to post a pic and the whole thread crashed (my bad?????)
  11. At my shopping centre they used to only have a small selection of Pandora at a jewelery kiosk!! I don't know what happened but last year two Pandora stores opened, one in Carrefour Laval and the other in Fairview Shopping Centre.....and another just opened this month at the corner of Peel & deMaisonneuve in Montreal.... and I really haven't noticed anyone with bracelets either.....:shrugs:
  12. Lol! I was starting to get a case of serious withdrawal!
  13. not pathetic! I wish I had a good book to read. I have read all the books I own countless times and had to start borrowing my sisters novels that she had to buy for school so that I had entertainment in the hospital!!! At least they were all classics so I wasn't bored with my reads!
  14. Welcome and its nice to meet you.I'm MIA alot but I always find my way back:biggrin:

    Ok so I didn't get anything yesterday in the mail but today it made up for it.I bought my HG..the 14kt crown and got it overnight-ed to me in time for my vacay..I said my ban started yesterday but was still buying stuff but nothing today so i'm doing good yeah,lol.I got some more stuff I need to show you girls i've gotten in the last few days.I finally played around with some charms and built some stuff for once.

    The crown is for my blue fairy tale theme i'm starting.I need to get some two tone clips and a two tone bracelet.The pink heart will go on my pink theme.Mind you i made it only to see the site had crashed,lol.I got my 7th bracelet because I got too many charms and not enough bracelets.On top of that i'm sure the hubs is thrilled i've bought my first few pieces of trollbeads.Luckily I'm not too keen on their charms.

    The Lariat was an epic fail so I definitely will not be wearing necklaces only a bracelet.

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  15. me too we'll have to get each other's info cause i was going crazy and having them too,lol
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