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  1. UT OH!! Really...Hmm...Ya I was thinking if they'd let u for silver barrel.. n Oxi being same price, why not?....O man...LOL something to think about.
  2. is the free lariat thing for the month of July?? If it is I hope the place I am going to at the end of the month is doing the promo and has some left!!
  3. Yes, it's for the whole month.......:smile:
  4. Crissy11......I LOVE your bracelet!!! The blue and purple together really looks stunning; very classy look!

  5. YAY!!! Hope they still have some left when I go on the 29th. It's a jewellery store that sells pandora so I'm not sure if they do the promotions but I will ask when I go! I am still going to probably end up buying stuff but it would be nice to get something for free while I'm there :P
  6. That safety chain does do that so I sold mine it was a pain in the butt. The new clip safety chain is much better. It does not go on the threads at all. I find it to be a world of difference using that one. Gorgeous bracelet btw!!

  7. Yep for the whole month....:mad: EXCEPT for North Bay of course...they can barely spell Pandora...!!!
  8. Yah, it is fun to get something for free. I just haven't figured out how to wear it yet though lol....

  9. Poor you! Is there no Pandora store near you?
  10. I hope your store is doing the July promo for the lariat so you can get one, mine decided to opt out of this promo but will be doing the Sept one.
  11. I thought they had books to show you how to do fancy things with them? or you could probably google it and find something out there that would help

  12. Yep....about a 10 minute drive from my house....but they never have anything, don't know anything and have crapy customer service....They are announcing a store in store in the near future, so hopefully that changes things.....

    The beads I think I like I have to order without seeing them IRL as they normally only have a few silver beads and a few gold spacers....Pathetic really!

  13. Wow!!!....love your bracelet......:love: Are you planning another one?
  14. ^^^^ LMAO.... Would you like me to tell you how I really feel??? :lolots:
    (About the Pandora store here that is!)
  15. LOL!! I am hoping this store in Kingston has a large selection but I doubt it! They don't even advertise pandora in their store windows or anything! I have walked by this place at least twice a year when we travel there for mom to have her follow up appointments. I always go downtown to shop at the stores because it beats sitting in a waiting room for hours and hours. The only rule is it has to be within walking distance since we park in the underground hospital parking (cheaper than on the street) so if it's a store I can walk to I'm allowed to go :graucho:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.