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  1. good to know! I have been considering one of those clips for the mesh bracelet instead of a gold clip because of the whole price thing that I can't afford at the moment...
  2. Cool! can't wait to see your pic...trollbeads have some beautiful glass beads....:biggrin:
  3. Well that didn't take long - maybe a month or so!! Anyway, my lovely DH bought me tons of charms while we were on our anniversary in NYC and then my Canada Post package came today with the rest of my beads. As a matter of fact, I had one murano left that won't fit, but I got a lanyard in the promotion so I'll try to figure out how to make a necklace.

    I ended up putting on 2 Chamilia muranos - they work perfectly and give it just a touch of bling. :smile:

    I'm not sure if I have the safety chain on right - do I? It drives me nuts though, it doesn't seem to sit properly - keeps getting caught on the ends and then the chain twists up - anyone else have that problem?

    Anyway, I just LOVE IT, love the colors. :love: It has a lot of meaning since most of the beads were from my DH for out anniversary in such a great city.

  4. Hi, im new to pandora,I know they have the free bracelet promo,when is the promo, is it for the barrel clasp or the lobster clasp, how much do you have to spend, and does it get sold out, or they just always have the beads and bracelets.
  5. omg that looks gorgeous!!!! Love the blue and purple combo, and especially with those Chamilia muranos. I love dichroic glass and they definitely do add the perfect amount of bling! Your tendril clips really pop out too. Congrats on finishing your bracelet!! :smile: Are you planning on starting another soon?

    Hi and welcome! They usually have it twice a year (with different minimum spend amounts). The next time is in September 1-3, spend $75 and you get a free lobster clasp, but you can pay the difference to upgrade to the barrel clasp. At the larger or concept stores, it doesn't usually get sold out from what I have heard, they usually prepare for it pretty well. Smaller shop within shops, I am not sure. Never hurts to call ahead and ask during the promo though :smile:
  6. Hmm, I wonder if u can pay the difference and get the Oxi bracelet? I mean if they let u upgrade to barrel clasp instead of lobster (for reg silver bracelets), kwim? hmm

    ****Anyone know/tried to??****
    TIA!! ;)
  7. OMG, couldn't wait till TPF was back up. While it was down I got the free bacelet for doing the survey. I would actually like it if it wasn't HUGE, which I believe someone said it would be. I'm considering having some silver spacers put on, I would only need 3, to make it an anklet. I could also cut the bracelet for the bead and put it on another bracelet, I'm just worried it's not a normal bead. Thoughts? Thanks! Was going nuts with no TPF!!

  8. Oh.....Your bracelet is stunning....:love:

    The safety chain is right, mine does twist up sometimes too.... I've seen bracelets where people either put clips or beads on the threads, then the safety chain, helps prevent it from not sitting right...I'll see if I can "Borrow" a pic somewhere....

  9. :welcome2: to the addiction. I heard that the bracelet promo is in September... (In the USA and Canada). It's usually for the lobster clasp but most stores will let you upgrade to the barrel clasp and pay the difference in price! I think you have to spend either $100-$150...not sure..ladies?

  10. Hmmmmm.... not sure....I personally don't care for them much either.....The murano is just too big!
  11. Recently, I saw a large Murano used as a center piece on a silver necklace, and it looked really nice.
  12. Yes you can, the oxidized and the regular sterling barrel bracelets are the same price.
  13. Hello all, Pandora 15 and Issie may remember that I joined this blog JUST before it went down. I was positive that I had crashed the whole thing!!!! Anyway, all of my info was lost in the few days that it was down.

    Pandora 15.... I have two leather bracelets, both doubles and I really like them. Unless you put clips on along with rubber stoppers to keep everything in place, the beads will eventually always hang on the bottom of your wrist. So if you dont mind that feel, go for it. I have a few gold beads on one and because they are much lighter, they seem to stay in place better than the silver beads.

  14. Ooohhh... I never thought of putting on a necklace...I bet that would be nice!!!
  15. Also, I've talked to the SA's at the jewelry store that I buy my Pandora from and they've told me that the Sept promo will be to spend $100 and get a barrel clasp silver bracelet ($65.00 value) free. Each store is able to run their 3 day promo any time they want to as long as its in early Sept. That sounds VERY generous to me so I hope it's correct.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.