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  1. The last one passed 5k and is now archived. For reference you can find it here:

    A few key reminders:
    -This is for PANDORA only, it's not a general chat thread, we have one for the Jewelry Box already.
    -you CANNOT buy/sell/trade here or via PM
    -do not post what you are interested in selling - this is advertising
    -do not ask for members to get pieces for you
  2. Wow a new thread again! So good to know that I am not the only one with this addiction.:smile:
  3. I have some birthday money left over and think a little trip to pandora is in order today :graucho:...I think i may pick up the new butterfly bead for myself. The butterfly means new beginning and is significant to me in that respect for personal reasons, and since its my birthday bead, that also seems fitting! :P
  4. I have that bead and love it. Great choice! Happy belated birthday too.
  5. Blimey Archived again theres a whole lot of nattering! lol
  6. Hi ladies! I'm getting a pandora for my birthday and I am so excited - I'm addicted already and don't even own mine yet. The only difficulty I'm having is trying to decide on a colour scheme :thinking: ! I don't think I want to go with one single colour but I can't decide which will work best together?
    Of course it doesn't help that the pics you all have posted are so beautiful!!!

    Any help or advice to offer on what you thinks works best together?
  7. Hi Happy Birthday to all! Picking a color Hannahbelle? One thing that I did was I decided to make one silver and one gold bracelet...the gold is gold with gold and silver as I don't have the money to go all gold. I would recommend that you invest in the gold 'clasp' bracelet first, I didn't and now I want to go back to get that. From there I decided the charms that have color CZ's..from there Murano..which you can change out.
    Have fun!
  8. hi all! i SWORE i wasn't going to get a pandora bracelet (after hundreds spent on a nomination and don't wear it...ugh!)...however, i think that pandora bracelets will always be in style...
    i have 3 blue beads on mine(blue hearts and 2 with polka dots, one light blue dots and one navy dots) and 2 aquamarine spacers and two silver and cubic zirconia beads....there is sufficient room for at least 15 more beads (depending on size) and i'm stumped as to where to go from here...i love a lot of color, but i want to be able to wear it every day...i love faceted stones (zirconia in a lot of colors) and hearts...i would love to hear any and all suggestions that you may have!
  9. I made a black & white bracelet with clear crystals and animals beads so I can wear it with everything. If you make a multi color one you could wear it with everything too! I made a pink bracelet with pink beads and pink cyrstals but I'm more limited with that one.
  10. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!:Partyhat:
  11. Hannabelle and SongoftheSea......welcome!

    Kat you made a great suggestion going black and white with CZ accents. I did that starting out and I just swap murano or wear my bracelet all silver with CZ layered with my leather bracelets. Luvpugz I started with a silver clasp and I am with you...if you want a two-tone buy that one first. I was envious of the gold clasp bracelet until it was mine. :cloud9: buying her is my fondest Pandora purchase.
  12. this is truly an addiction for me now!!!!

  13. Thanks sweetie!! :hugs: I ended up picking up a new bead for myself today--the peace sign dangle! Its sooo cute!
  14. I am heading towards getting one with a gold clasp, I've been searching and waiting patiently on ebay for one in my size at a good price.... so you are happy you splurged on it? I think it's my next big purchase.
  15. I am currently toying with bracelet number 4 and 5. number 4 is blues and purples and the silvers are birds and bees (Bugs) as a theme.

    Number 5 is in a state of flux I have lots of colours either in oval lights or murano and swap them in or our deoending on mood. I think I had clear Ideas for my other bracelets but this one is sort of a switch a roo.

    I spend alot of time on a bracelet builder to see what I want.
    Duckie :smile:
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