The Official Rebecca Minkoff & Team Discussion Thread

  1. *~*This bag was available on her site last may have actually been part of the Online Sale. It will probably pop back up again so definitely keep an eye out for it! ;) *~*
  2. I second that! A Pink Sheen mini MAC would be to die for! :graucho:
  3. Lol i am the opposite, i am a GHW girl all the way, that particular bag is right up my street, i realllly hope that they bring it back...

    Thanks so much for that, i will definately keep an eye out for it, wish me luck, lol! xoxo
  4. That's still on for sale.
  5. Hi RM team! :wave: hopefully everyone's recovered from the festivities of all the sample sales!! i know us gals in the forums have been having quite the chatter about the LARGE AFFAIR :love::loveeyes::cloud9: i have to say that I recently acquired the black w/ silver spike version ( exclusive) and this is seriously one of my all-time FAVORITES!!! i even posted a whole reveal thread comparing the large vs regular (i have the black w/ gold studs from fall 2011 as well).

    I know many of us would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see more large affairs produced in a variety of colors and hardware like silver and gunmetal, in addition to the already produced gold and rosegold - please keep the rosegold coming!! we're HUGE fans! as always, thanks so much for listening to your devoted minkettes!! :tup:
  6. Oh i see it! Thanks so much ladies. It is a shame that i won't be able to take the plunge now because i have saving to do :shucks: So i hope that whomever gets this bag will love it like i would of :love:
  7. +1 million to this! And do you ladies know if this Affair was made? If it wasn't will it be made? :graucho:
  8. I agree with the more Affairs and more rosegold statements! I also have one more question, who are we supposed to contact about special orders these days? My last few emails to Codi have been returned and emails to Nicole unanswered, which i assume was due to sample sale frenzy. Thanks!
  9. Agreed on the rose gold and the diamond quilted spike Affair in both sizes! Maybe... a black with rose gold diamond quilt spike Affair? :graucho:

    Also, please return the zip pocket & 2 interior pockets to mini MACs, they are important and useful for keys, lipgloss, etc! We've been wondering where they went, and hoping for their return in next season's mini's.
  10. ^^^ I completely agree. Please bring back the pockets!!!
  11. Hello, Is Muse Ten a legit store in buying RM bags?
  12. Yes:tup:
  13. hi Jojo21, Thank you for your quick reply. :smile:
  14. What can anyone tell me about this oversized MAC I saw in Saks today named MAC DADDY?