The Official Rebecca Minkoff & Team Discussion Thread

  1. Hi everyone! Really exciting and amazing news here for all of our Minkettes, Rebecca Minkoff and her team are back on tPF to chat with you all and answer your questions.

    There will only be this one thread for RM and her team to chat with you in, so if you want to hear from them please use this thread for that purpose. We will have live chats with Rebecca herself once she is back at work full-time after the birth of her baby!!!

    So with open arms and hearts and pretty bags, give Rebecca and her team a big tPF Minkette Welcome!!!!! :cool:
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  2. Hooray! That's great news. :welcome2: Rebecca and the RM team! So excited to be able to chat again. :ghi5:
  3. How cool! Welcome (back) Rebecca & Team!
  4. Wow, this is GREAT news! Welcome back RM & were missed! :flowers:
  5. Omgosh, how exciting!!!!
    Howdy!! :drinkup:

    The only thing I regret about buying Rebecca Minkoff bags IS........not becoming addicted sooner!!:love:
  6. Welcome Back!
  7. Rebecca will come in as soon as she can, but her baby is due any day now so she is rather busy!! I am sure we will hear from the team soon though - we have exciting plans upcoming with them!
  8. Good luck Rebecca!
    Any hints Megs? Please....
  9. It took me going through Louis Vuitton, Coach, Chanel, etc. before I finally ended up here and found a brand that I absolutely love and that's saying ALOT! :biggrin:
  10. yay, excited that we'll be able to chat again! congrats on the baby, rebecca!
  11. Welcome back Rebecca, I can't recall when you used to chat on here because I became a Minkette thereafter. Now I'm a full-fledged Minkette & excited to chat with you one day!! :urock:
  12. Exciting news! Welcome back to tpf! :dothewave:
  13. Not yet, but you should find out soon!
  14. Yay for RM & Team! Welcome back :giggles:
  15. How exciting . . . welcome!! :ghi5: