The Maxi Cabat

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  1. Good for you!
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  2. Hahaha! I said the very same thing and the SA looked so stunned.
  3. You look good, but those bags are ridiculous. I wonder how many have been sold.
  4. Ksuromax, leaving the ugliness aside, what as your impression of the quality of the bags, the leather, etc. is it at least the same quality as before?
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  5. leather is stiff, and those wide straps don't look like going to soften up with use
    the Maxi is not for shorties, i'm 1.64 m and i could hardly see the clearance between the bottom and the floor (sweeping and dragging guaranteed).
    it is darn heavy, even empty
    the small one worn on the shoulder strap was feeling odd, the bag is too big and bulky alone for that flimsy strap which i bet will be digging in as soon as you load the bag. Besides, those bag handles don't drop, they were sticking up and annying
    just NO
  6. the mini bucket is made with reg intrecciato, and the bag looked balanced, soft and very wearable
  7. Maxi - NONE (i asked)
  8. Thank you. I cannot imagine how heavy it must be! My small chevre Cabat is not a light bag. I would have to put wheels on the maxi. Thank you. It is so nice to have someone who has seen it, carried it around etc., give a good review.
  9. This bag is ludicrous.
  10. Which one?
  11. Oh, sorry—-I was referring to the Maxi Cabat in the title of the thread. I see now there are other bags posted on here.
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  12. That is definitely on my wish list!
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