The Maxi Cabat

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  1. Sorry @ksuromax , even you can't make these bags look good. What a come down for BV.
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  2. is it a :nuts: wow, or a :wtf: wow??
    :lol: :lol:
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  3. thank you :biggrin:
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  4. Thanks for posting. I thought they were better than the Dior book tote but I was wrong....
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  5. i'm praying that the classic cabat in rose color would go on sale :P
  6. #66 Feb 20, 2019
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    The red one should come with a box of checkers....or a set of chess men....
    Ya know, if you really wanted to get rid of another designer’s iconic bag, you could alter it into something really silly.....if no one buys them....poof.....gone.
    But who knows, maybe something new & great is coming.....
  7. the black and white definitely should!
    the red and black should come with a reproduction of Paul Cezanne's Harlequinn, and serve as a picture case, probably?

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  9. i thought i would never say this, but... interesting to see an intrecciato bag looks so cheap
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  10. Just got the email alert on Sat about the new cabat.. things are slow here in Aust! I must say I am so so disappointed with the maxi cabat. Wrong proportions (5 ft 2! I’ll definitely be sweeping the floor with it - basically a very expensive leather mop) I am seriously thinking about buying the classic cabat before they take it down!

    Thanks ladies for the many laughs, a great intro and mod shots though!!
  11. Thanks for this highly entertaining thread, dear ladies! While I don't think Ill ever achieve the level of BV love to get any cabat (open totes are just really not my jam), I can see the ruthless perfection of the classic version. These new ones just look like enormous seatbelt woven totes - I am not short and I definitely feel like this bag would be wearing me. :shocked:
  12. I never thought of myself as a Cabat person either until I tried the BV mini Cabat :heart:. Way too easy to carry, fits on my shoulder, rides shotgun without flopping around and I can find all of my stuff easily. Never say never...except for the new ones :sick:.
  13. Maybe the design inspiration came from this seatbelt bag? Screenshot_20190323-104220~2.png