The Lazy Gal's Way To Stretch The Toe Box!

  1. isn't it?
  2. There's definitely some kind of rubbing alcohol equivalent.

    The UK folks do have a great product to kill germs and it's called Dettol!

    It's a versatile product that you can use diluted to clean cuts/disinfect. Or for convenience, use Dettol Antiseptic Wash Spray/Cream.

    Hee! I still have great memories of Dettol. I can recongize the smell anywhere!
  3. I WOULD NOT used alcohol since thos are suede. Also, suede usually stretches nicely and the decolletes hurt in the toebox for some from the start and need to be broken in.

    Slap on some socks and get to work! :tup:
  4. Has anyone tried stretching Watersnake using the alcohol and sock method?
  5. i just tried the sock trick with my belle booties. wore 2 pairs of socks. danced around my apt a little and then just sat down. after about 20 min my feet hurt so bad i could cry. this gets better right? if i can't even wear them to sit how can i walk in them?
  6. I don't know if anyone has already noted this, but rather than alcohol, why not try leather stretch spray? I have some, comes in a little pump spray bottle, and according to everyone it really works - so well in fact that you have to be careful not to use too much/too often. (Or maybe it's just alcohol with a fancy label!):rolleyes:
  7. Hello experts! I have yet to try to sock and alcohol trick (but I'll be getting on that this weekend for sure!). I was wondering if this would work on velvet or does velvet stretch at all?

    I bought a pair of Bling Blings (:yahoo:) and I know they're going to be a touch tight but I just couldn't resist for the price (and then reason hit me that I bought them without a second thought...hence the neurosis in the HTF Chat Thread). Is there hope that I can do something?
  8. good tips, thanks!
  9. :bump:

    hi there, I got a pair of clichys off eBay and everything fits except for the toebox, ouch! Should I persevere with normal breaking in or try stretching the toe box as suggested above? I worry the patent leather will stretch too much over time. Thanks!
  10. I haven't tried this personally, but I hear some people wear them around the house (even sitting, not just walking) while wearing a pair of socks. It'll definitely still be tight for you but the socks will make it not hurt as much. Patent doesn't stretch as much as some others, like suede, but it will stretch.
  11. The patent will stretch over time but when if you can get a jump start on the stretching to make them more comfortable, your feet will thank you! :yes:
  12. Velvet seems to take a bit longer to stretch. My left Matastrasse Velvet Orlato was a bit tight (left foot's an eensy bit bigger) so it took a couple wearings and chipped big toe polishes to stretch, but they do!
  13. Would this work on the new leather ballet flats (Rosella style) I bought?. It has a square toe box. My toes feel a little uncomfortable and I would love it if it loosened up in that area. Should I try the alcohol method, or just return them?:sad:
  14. Try wearing them a little bit with socks around the house. They should give. I have some of that style and they do stretch.