The Lazy Gal's Way To Stretch The Toe Box!

  1. I use DH's thick socks, he gets weirded out when I walk around in men's socks and CLs :lol:
  2. I really need to try this although DH suggested that I let our hamster make his home in the shoes to stretch them instead. The hamster adores stuffing his home with bedding and I do not know how he manages to fit in his coconut hut with all the stuff he hoards!

  3. hehe I didn't even think about cutting up a pair of socks. My ron rons are hurting one of my toes :sad:
  4. Just read the original thread about rubbing alcohol and then stuffing the sock in the toe box. I will have to check if there is rubbing alcohol in the UK (there must be, suppose at a cobbler/ shoe mender) BUT what would you all recommend as the best - that last trick or the trick on this thread about wearing very thick socks in the shoe around the house? I have some huge thick cashmere socks but I don't want to cut them up but don't want the heel to stretch. Cheap thick socks?

    Excellent ideas and excellent news for those who have tried it!
  5. ^They have alcohol in local drug stores. It might be called isopropryl alcohol 70% :smile:
  6. Vee you can get the 70% alcohol on eBay. I've tried to search for the alcohol on the high st but nothing. Wilko's also have it. I've not used it yet on my shoes. I can't :sweatdrop: bring myself to rub it in the toe box of my shoes.
  7. You guys dont have rubbing alcohol in the UK??? :confused1:
  8. LOL! That's what I was thinking but didn't want to seem ignorant!

    What do people in the UK use to clean up cuts & bruises?
  9. We have TCP antiseptic for cuts and bruises! We do have rubbing alcohol, it is just not around everywhere. I get it from the black hair shops in London.
  10. Do you suppose rubbing alcohol is what we call surgical spirit? Or are they two different things. I'm intrigued now.....
  11. I think surgical spirit is a similar equivalent.

    When I was a kid, we used iodine on cuts and bruises. OOOH, it hurts to even think about it! Your knees are literally stained for days! :wtf:

    UK folks, I'm curious to know...can you still get Bovril?

    Oh boy, I miss Bovril and McVittes Chocolate coated digestive biscuits.
    And Heinz baked beans in tomato sauce. And Polo mints!!! I could blow a mean whistle with them!
  12. Linpaddy, Yes we still have all those yummy treats ( McVities biscuits in particular :graucho: )
  13. All this talk about alcohol makes me want a cocktail...LOL. I can't believe you can't just buy rubbing alcohol at a pharmacy or something. How weird!