The Lazy Gal's Way To Stretch The Toe Box!

  1. ^ Yay! Success!!
  2. I wonder if the alcohol work wth patent leather?
  3. ^^ the ones i just stretched were patent leather, so yes!
  4. ok, so i couldn't wait any longer. i am trying this trick on my suede manolo mary janes tonight and i'll keep u updated tomorrow.... fingers crossed!!!
  5. Thanks for the tip!
  6. I can't remember in which thread or which member's post I read about this, but I did it over the past 2 days with my pony Pigalles and my satin VPs, which fit perfectly but were a bit tight in the toe box (due to me not being used anymore to high heels, I think), and the difference in comfort is amazing!! Thank you so much, whoever you are!!!
  7. Cool madam, I'm glad it worked for you!
  8. Yeah, me too! I had a pair of suede Rolandos that were so tight I could hardly walk in them and then I did the sock technique for a couple of hours over a weekend and now they are PERFECT!
  9. yeah i don't know who the idea originally came from but i don't think any of us even expect louboutins to fit perfectly now without the sock trick!!! thanks to whoever it was!
  10. Yep, works everytime!
  11. My patent RonRon's are giving me a hard time breaking in. MY SA said that she suffered for 2 days and they are now her most comfy "go to" shoe. She suggested the sock trick, but said not to wear the sock on my whole foot, just on the toe area. (because I don't want the heel stretched) Do you girls wear a sock on your whole foot, or do you cut out the front of a sock and just wear it in the toe box?
  12. OH great idea!!:tup:
  13. I thought of that, because I did notice the heel slipping after a while, but I haven't cut up any socks yet. Definitely will, though. Thanks for the tip!
  14. just the toe part-otherwise the shoe will get all over too big!
  15. -- ok- how thick of a sock do you ladies use? hahah. are we talking like gym socks or thin socks? i am currently trying to break in a pair of rolando's