The Lazy Gal's Way To Stretch The Toe Box!

  1. Hey all my beautiful ladies & gents! I got resourceful this past week with stretching my joli noeud slides since I'm wearing them tonight for a bridal/bachelorette party and wanted to share it with you. This could've been done already and I haven't read about it so if it has, pardon my unoriginality.

    I balled up thick socks and stuffed them (and I mean stuffed) under the toe box. There was no ROOM for error (pun intended). I left them in for 3 days, tried them on last night and voila! They fit like a dream!!

    Pros: It was free, a balled up sock represented my swollen feet by the end of the night and now my joli's fit like they were sewn around my foot.

  2. Great idea!! I'll have to try that next time I need to stretch something a bit. :tup:
  3. Thanks. I will def try it next time.
  4. I hear if you soak the sock in alcohol it works as well.
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  5. Great idea, thanks!
  6. Stinas, I'd enjoy the wine more than my sock ever will!
  7. I am sure she meant rubbing alcohol, but ITA about the enjoyment of drinking wine:tispy:
  8. Thank you for the tip!
  9. It does. I've tried this. I do have to advise to be careful b/c the color seems to bleed a bit if you accidently get it on the piping part of the shoe. It doesn't hurt the look when they're on your feet but some of my blacks have bled just a tad. Nothing I can't deal with but I thought I'd put it out there.

    This trick actually works quite well.
  10. Maybe try swabbing the inside of the toe box first with a Q tip dipped in alcohol, and then stick the sock in. Just a thought. I will try this tonight! Thanks!
  11. I love all of these tips!
    Keep them coming!
  12. Thanks! I am trying it out right now.
  13. LOL I did mean rubbing alcohol. :yes:
  14. ^^lol!!!
  15. Well, now wait. Maybe if you give your CL's enough to drink, they will do whatever you want them to do.