The Lazy Gal's Way To Stretch The Toe Box!

  1. Thank you so much JetSet!!! Now I'm anxious to try it!
  2. i love the lazy gal way. im def a lazy gal!!
  3. me too, flashy. this is what I do to all my pairs that need stretching. I just keep them stuffed with socks whenever they are not being worn until they are to my liking.
  4. I love the Lazy Gal way too! That's how I stretched my right Declic! Worked like a charm.

    Also, blasting the toebox with heat from a hair dryer works pretty well too!
  5. Great advice :smile:
  6. I love this thread. So going to stuff some socks in my CLs right now!

  7. Yes!!! Be careful with patent to do it slowly or it can crack but this has definitely helped with some of those tougher styles like Decolzeps. :nuts:
  8. So will the sock method work with the patent leather shoes? I'm afraid to try the alcohol method on them.
  9. ^^ Be very careful with alcohol on the patent as it will strip the color and/or finish. I've found putting on a sock and using a hairdryer to slowly heat the leather until it fits more comfortably is a much safer option. :yes:
  10. That's great advice, Speedah. I might try that with my new Cranberry Miss Boxe. I want the toe box to stretch evenly, so I don't get that strange bulbous toe that Simples sometimes get with wider feet (like I have!).
  11. ^^ I swear by the hairdryer method! Then wear them until the leather cools back down and it should be nice and comfy. :tup:
  12. But isn't the alcohol being put inside the shoe? Also can you please describe the heating method in more detail..? As you can see I am a bit paranoid about my first pair of $700 Loubies, lol.

    When I called the shoe repair place that was recommended here and they didn't even know what the heating method is..
  13. The alcohol is supposed to go on the inside, however many ladies have accidentally touched the finish with it. For it to only be applied to the inside is easier said than done. And, in my opinion, better safe than sorry.

    Cobblers use an entirely different method and if you're more comfortable with them being professionally stretched, it's worth it for the peace of mind. You could call our methods to be "rogue."

    The heating method is exactly as I said. Put on a sock, put the shoes on, slowly heat the tight areas with a hair dryer, and let cool (while you're still wearing them). It should help a lot.
  14. Thanks for the reply speedah! I just couldn't bare the tightness all around (so much for me psyching myself into feeling comfy with them) it so I ordered the size 41. I should be fine going a size up with the Rolando's right? I want to be able to dance and be comfy on my bday!
  15. Great thread OP, thank you for posting.

    I received some python simples recently and while the heel height is just perfect the shoes are just a bit too tight. I'm going to try just stuffing the socks for a few days and if that doesn't work, I'll try the alcohol on the inside.