The JADE thread!

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  1. Lovely! In your 2nd photo, I see lavender with green patches on my screen :biggrin:
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  2. Thank you for your kind words, Jadies!
    tea, I did not know about the fluorescence in rough brown patches (I am assuming this is part of the jade "skin"). Thank you for putting my mind at ease. :biggrin: Going to look this up!
    Smokie - the "white" side of the bangle looks mostly bright white in person with pale green patches but I did find a lavender streak that can be seen in person. It is located on the very bottom of the bangle in the second pic.
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  3. Looking Good!
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    Lovely lavender! I love lavenders. Right now my lavender bangle is my favorite and I wear it the most. The color on your bangle is so soft and lovely.
  6. Gorgeous!
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  7. I am in love with this bangle! Hinged ming, about 9mm round

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  8. That is such a beautiful color! What is it, where is it from? I’m learning so much about jade from this forum. Thanks!!
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  10. This is so pretty Beadweaver! It looks icy and I bet it changes colours from a soft blue to a minty green depending on the light. It looks beautiful on you - very elegant.
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  11. Beautiful! :biggrin:
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  12. If anyone remembers me, I’m the silly one who thought she could wear a 57mm flat cut bangle and then found out....surprise. She can’t. Well! I finally got it off! It took lots of dish soap, a friend to squeeze my hand, and me gritting the hell out of my teeth and powering through the pain!

    But in the month since I wore that beautiful apple jade bangle, I have acquired others (because I couldn’t help myself) and now I can finally wear something new on my left. The apple green bangle went lots of places in the month it was stuck: LA, London, Paris! I can also wear my watches again, which are my first love so it’s been hard not wearing a watch, more than it has been being with only one bangle.
  13. I ended up ordering the lavender bangle I posted about and I'm so glad that I did! It is really lovely and more lavender than I expected. I like the lavender and smokey grey combo. These pictures were taken outside this morning and show all the sides.
    20190912_072919.jpg 20190912_072818.jpg 20190912_072845.jpg 20190912_072955.jpg 20190912_072837.jpg
  14. This is stunning! I love it - glad you are happy with your new bangle:smile: Your ring is pretty too!
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  15. Thank you!
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