The JADE thread!

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  1. Wow!! Gorgeous! :biggrin:
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  2. Color is very vibrant and the translucence is amazing :smile:
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  3. Thank you Smokiedragon and Bernie. It’s from Singapore:smile: I wish I could say I shopped in Singapore but it was an online order that I’m very happy with.
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  4. Very pretty . Is it from Yok Dee ? It’s a very pretty dainty design . The pop of color reminds me rich orange red amber and wool certainly brighthen any outfits !
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  5. It’s from All About Jade. Bernie have you been to Yok Dee and All about Jade? I believe they both have storefronts. I have bought one item from each and can say they both have good customer service -especially All About Jade. Excellent customer service.
  6. I have been to both when I used to live there, and yes, they have lovely things. Recently, after seeing Bernie’s pictures of Chinatown, I’m reminded of the times I used to visit the jade shops there. The disadvantage of having easy access to jade shops was that there were too many temptations and I was not good at resisting temptation, lol.

  7. Yes have been to both ! I believe bread and gem has bought from them before as well .
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  8. @2boys_jademommy and @berniechocolate Thanks so much - all this talk of Yok Dee made me check them out online. They have an eternity / mystic knot pendant that I’ve been trying to find for a while! I also asked them about putting a bail and they responded so quickly! It will take 3-4 working days to attach the bail so I think I’ll get my pendant next week! Yay!!
  9. That’s great: - Can’t wait to see your new pendant!
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  10. Thanks so much! After waiting for over a decade, I can't wait to see it too! I even paid for express shipping, LOL!
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  11. I got really excited about this lavender bangle, but then asked for pics in daylight (last 2) and the lavender is not as bright and pretty as in their listing pictures. Still tempted by it but the seller doesn't allow returns. What do you all think?

    Screenshot_2019-09-02-12-55-50.png Screenshot_2019-09-02-12-55-54.png
    Screenshot_2019-09-02-12-57-40.png Screenshot_2019-09-02-13-02-58.png
  12. Lavender is tricky to capture accurately and seems more vibrant under indoor or artificial light compared to sunlight. The patch of smoky grey is unique a I do t see the combination of lavender and dark grey too often. You should wait a bit and see if you keep thinking about it....
  13. Sorry I missed this. I’ve been getting ready for my son’s wedding on Saturday. It’s definitely not the same bangle. Has she responded to you? It’s a such a shame this happened, hopefully this gets resolved soon. I’m always afraid of suggesting sellers for this reason. I’d be leery of accepting anything but a refund at this point. Sorry this happened to you.
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  14. I really like the lavender and grey combo. I usually just see lavender and green, which is another reason I'm drawn to this bangle.
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  15. Congrats on your son’s wedding!